Wood is a heritage of inestimable value and as such should be protected and defended, especially when we choose it for our homes. Wood flooring  is a natural product and it is essential to use it with respect and wisdom. Let us look into the deforestation norms and wood  flooring environmental sustainability in this respect.

Wood flooring and deforestation: how to preserve our planet forests?

Forests are crucial for the health and well-being of wildlife and  human beings, as  their  presence control the CO2 emission levels . How can we preserve them? Industrial activities that use wood as raw material need and must safeguard forests conservation. Skilful control  and careful management of the  forest ecosystems is functional to  the wellbeing of the planet. By carefully selecting the area from where to cut trees, it enables to create spaces and light to filter  influencing  this way the growth of new plants. This process will allow to  preserve  and protect the planet  biodiversity thus  ensuring its health and prosperity.

Wood flooring and deforestation: what do we need to pay attention to when buying?

Make sure your  wooden floring has  FSC and PEFC certifications, which guarantees that forests are managed accorndigly to environmental standards. Since 1963, Corà finances extensive reforestation programs and implements sustainable management of raw materials according to the strict standards of these certifications. The FSC and PEFC certifications ensure that each forest is managed in compliance with strict social, economic and environmental standards. These certifications, moreover are closely related to the local and workers’ rights, as well as to the compensation for environmental impact. The Corà commitment to preservation continues in Gabon, where the OLB certification (Du Bois Legal Origin)  protects almost an area of 600,000 hectares thus assuring the implementation of a strict environmental policy. Finally, all the materials used by Corà are traceable according to the Chain of Custody certification (CoC). This means that it is possible to certify the timber origin and demonstrate the company’s commitment to responsible forest management and environmental conservation.

Environmental protection and preservation : a culture of responsibility>

Corà mission is  to guarantee both the responsible use of wood as a raw material and to promote the purchaise of certified wood to  its customers whilst divulging  a culture of environmental awareness.

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