Say goodbye forever to viruses and bacteria on the floors of every room in houses, shops, restaurants and offices. A dream, in other words, above all in times like these where, in spite of sanitising and disinfecting with every type of product, the risk of taking a wrong step is just around the corner.

And yet, these undesired guests have been thrown out immediately by some, with the certainty of never returning. The some are our Garant and Design wood floors, treated with “High Care”, the varnish by Corà with…live silver. For parquet that leaves no room for dirt and microorganisms that can harm our wellbeing and the healthiness of the rooms we love.

vernice bambina

High Care, lethal to the enemies of hygiene

High Care is a force of nature. The silver ions it contains are a lethal weapon, creating an invisible barrier that kills all the microorganisms that come into contact with the treated surface. “Ionised” viruses and bacteria, in fact, cannot reproduce and cannot survive. This is the secret of the antibacterial properties of silver, which have been known for centuries. And as HC sanitising varnish is completely transparent, it does not change the original beauty of parquet floors, but instead protects them without modifying their colour and natural aspect.

An everlasting ion

This small miracle has another big advantage: it is everlasting. The antibacterial power of the silver ions is constant, so if the layer of varnish has not deteriorated, its efficiency is constant. It also resists normal daily cleaning and washing. This is why Corà has chosen it as the base colour for all its Garant and Design floors since 2018.

Silver…fit for a gold medal

Hotels, restaurants and shops. Gyms, spas, medical and beauty centres. But even the kitchens, bathrooms, children’s bedrooms in our homes. There are many rooms where guaranteeing maximum hygiene, not just the beauty and quality of the surfaces, is important. Today more than ever, we have unfortunately rediscovered that we are fragile and insecure against invisible enemies to our health. With Corà High Care varnish we can sleep peacefully again, though. Not only is it sanitising, but also completely safe, a friend of people and the environment, and suitable for contact with food. So even if its heart is silver, it certainly deserves a gold medal.