Astrology, the star of rigid vinyl “wood effect” flooring

Light, silent and super resistant. Astrology is the new wood effect vinyl floor from F4U, the line of durable, easy to lay flooring by Corà. Astrology, with its stone dust core and two layers of PVC, is technically classified as ESPC (Engineered Stone PVC Composite), the most advanced class of SPC flooring. The result is a very high performance wood effect surface that is flexible and soft to the touch, but with the resilience of a real star.


A plywood structure based on the use of vinylbased poly-mers, this range stands out because of its amazing application flexibility.

Even though only 6.5 mm thick, it can be laid in all living and business contexts thanks to its wear classification (23, 33 and 42 – ref. UNI EN ISO 10874 Standard). Because of it slimness it can be laid dry over already-existing floors; all that needs to be done is click the boards together.


Format Description Measures
With interlocking
Spina 90° 3d effect recorded

Wood decoration
Box: 1,26 Mq

Whole pallet: 105,97 Mq

5,50 + 1,00 x 145 x 725 mm
Format Description Measures
With interlocking Listone 180 3d effect recorded

Wood decoration
Box: 2,17 Mq

Whole pallet: 130,44 Mq

5,50 + 1,00 x 198 x 1830 mm
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Lacquered White – extruded technical skirting board* – anti-humidity waterproof 15,00 x 70 x 2400 mm
Lacquered White – veneered baroque – painted 16 x 96 mm
Lacquered White – veneered square – painted 10 x 50 mm
Lacquered White – veneered owl’s beak – painted 10 x 70 mm
Lacquered White – veneered owl’s beak painted 13 x 82 mm

*SKIRTING BOARD: Skirting board of water resistant expanded PVC 15x70x2400 mm (Th x W x L) coated with digitally printed paper and paint-ed using hot-coating technology.
• Easy to install
• Very water resistant

T-Moulding Misure
Straight T-Moulding aluminium 30,00 x 2700 mm
End T-Moulding aluminium 26,00 x 2700 mm
End Profile aluminium 21,00 x 2700 mm
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The 5Gi system is used with herringbone patterns because it also offers great advantages in terms of laying simplicity and speed.

The patented 5G interlocking system is the most innovative that is currently available: it guarantees strong mechanical resistance and greatly reduces laying times when compared with traditional systems. Only one movement is needed to lay: click the long side of one board into the long side of the previously laid board while uniting the short side at the same time. Interlocking is guaranteed by the plastic insert with spring effect which, once it has moved into position with a “click”, prevents the board from sliding both upwards and horizontally.



WEEKLY CLEANING • Clean the floor from dust with a vacuum cleaner with the brushes / felts suitable for LVT technical flooring. • Take a bucket of lukewarm water and pour the indicated amount of CLEANER detergent (1/3 of a glass), dip a cotton cloth or a cotton “mop”, wring it out and wash your floor. This operation is to be performed once a week as needed. • Let the floor dry before walking on it.


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