Did you know that walking barefoot at home gives major relief to the whole body?

But the floor of course must be comfortable! What better material than the wood? Let’s find out all the benefits of walking barefoot on a wood floor.

The wood is a lively material, unique and inimitable, giving an instant feeling of warmth and welcoming. Thanks to its features, the wood offers personality to any room, or environment. The wood has beneficial properties ensuring comfort at home, or any other kind of environment where it lays as a floor.

The values of healthy living start from here, step by step, waking barefoot on wood.

The importance of walking barefoot on a wood floor at home

Wearing shoes all day long means that our feet are no longer used to a direct contact with the ground. To rediscover the connection, that otherwise would be lost, it is good to spend some time walking barefoot. What better way than to do it at home?

Walking barefoot on a wood floor is very different from doing it on a ceramic floor, or on other materials. Our feet benefit from irregular and naturally temperate surfaces.  Step by step, wearing no shoes or socks on the wood flooring, our body rediscover the pleasure of the skin in touch with the wood.

The feet shape is prepared to keep “trained” on uneven surfaces. The natural veins of the wood help preventing flat feet and stimulate blood flow. This is one of the main advantages of having a wood floor at home, in addition to the typical warmth.

Walking barefoot on wood floor at home is a relaxing experience that involves the skin and brings it through feelings coming from the soles of the feet, caressing the floor. For this reason, many people chose the wood floor for their home, in addition to many other functional as well as aesthetical values.

During the winter season, if you have at home the underfloor heating, it is recommended not to exceed 24°C for the temperature of the wood floor surface. To maintain the wood floor in perfect conditions and, at the same time, take care of our well-being, the temperature in the room shall be between 18°C-22°C and the relative humidity has to be 40%-65%. These are the conditions to have a comfortable and healthy environment, which allows a good blood flow when walking barefoot and avoids disturbing bloating to feet and legs.

Why do you feel different temperature when touching wood, marble, stainless steel having the same temperature? Because they all have different thermal conductivity, that is the power of taking out heat form the body.

Here are four goods reasons for walking barefoot on a wood floor:

  1. It is always warm when you touch it and comfortable to walk on it;

  2. It facilitates the natural movement of the soles of the feet and makes the toes free;

  3. It facilitates good blood flow of legs and feet

  4. It is not too hard or rigid when walking on it, it prevents from the static electric charge

If you chose the wood for your floor, your choice means comfort and elegance, it is also easy to clean if you want to walk on it, so discover our advices on how to maintain and clean you wood floor/a>.