During the years wood can undergo a natural oxidation process. That’s why the floor changes colour and tones over time. But it is precisely the ability of wood to breathe and change over time one of the most appreciated qualities by designers.

Wood oxidation: the floor breathes!

Overexposure to sunlight may result in a change in colour of wood flooring over time. The natural phenomenon of oxidation is harmless for your floor and can easily be seen when moving furniture or carpets after a long time.

Often, during a deep cleaning of rooms, you can see areas where the wood is lighter than the areas that have not been covered by furniture. Oxidation is a natural process of wood colour changing that occurs with exposure to air and sunlight. For this reason it is advisable to change the arrangement of furniture and carpets from time to time.

Are every type of wood subjected to oxidation? Not all of them!

The oxidation affects the floor colour according to the wood species laid. Some are particularly weather-resistant, others require a little more attention and maintenance.

Iroko and Doussié wood floors are more likely to change colour with the sun and turn darker than the Oak, which oxidize very slowly. With the action of the sun Teak lightens instead. That is one of the reasons why Corà Parquet produces most of its finishes on a Rovere basis.

When purchasing a new floor, it is essential to take into account that wood will undergo a slow but steady changement in shade. Therefore, it is important to ask specialized sellers who can advise you on the best choice for your project.

Shade changements of wood flooring

It is usually throughout the first months after laying that the wood flooring undergoes an important oxidation phenomenon, and then tends to be stable after the first 6-12 months. After that,  the parquet is at its peak and will start to change very slowly.

A correct maintenance, thanks to the use of the Corà Parquet Maintenance Kit, contributes to the longevity of your floor.

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Outdoor decking: when oxidation becomes design

Decking exposed to sunlight and weather conditions undergoes a natural variation of tone and color tending to the gray. This feature is much appreciated by designers and architects, who often require the material to be gray already!

For outdoor parquet, Corà Parquet offers a Maintenance Kit consisting of a detergent able to effectively clean the decking from dirt, salt and chlorine, and a liter of impregnating oil, which helps to absorb ultraviolet rays and protects against sun exposure.

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