From 4th to 9th April during the Milan Design Week 2017 Corà Parquet will attend at “White in the City” concept with many installations.

All shades of white: Corà Parquet at MDW17

“White in the City” expresses the chromatic and symbolic nuances of white with an itinerary that curls from Palazzo Brera to Palazzo Cusani. Architecture, Visual Arts and Fashion are the disciplines involved to reinterpret the white colour as a symbol of innocence, naturalness, peace and well-being. Brera, the heart of the Milan Design Week, is tinged with whiteness thanks to the installations and activities headed by creative design. Live, contemplate, be: the white colour is part of your everyday life transforming the spaces and rooms you pass by in places of wellness and creativity. In such a rich and inspiring mood, the wood of Corà Parquet takes part in the Marco Piva and Marie Claire Maison project at Brera Pinacoteca (Via Brera, 28), is at Palazzo Cusani (Via Brera, 13) together with Studio Asia and at Albed Flagship Store (Via S. Damiano, 5).

Installation in Brera Pinacoteca: White Luxury

Corà Parquet will display ContinuumFloor and its brand new 2017 finishes at the MCM White Luxury project by Marco Piva Architect and Marie Claire Maison at Brera Pinacoteca. The installations will be hosted in the “Sala della Passione” where they will show the theme of luxury in relation to the white colour. It is a furnished space of about 300 sqm where an impressive staircase, modular elements and a dedicated lighting system create an exclusive  location for events and happenings, with showcases for jewelry, clothes and accessories. The special event with an unique audience of international guests will be held on 5th April.

Installation in Palazzo Cusani with Studio Asia: White on White

White on White: Corà Parquet will be at Palazzo Cusani, in cooperation with architect Carla Baratelli’s Studio Asia, with the new mini WAVE and white regular WAVE glossy and matt, that will be laid with these two sizes as to highlight the installation. In order to perform the subject of the show, “white colour as the  driving force behind well-being and comfort in everyday life”, on the floor will be laid FABRICA 4.0 in vintage white colour, a brand new product that is the evolution of the classic “industrial” floor. A special LED lighting system has been designed on purpose to let each product of the exhibition stand out. The lights continuously change thanks to the “white control system” showing many shades of white during the visit. All the materials and textures are highly enhanced and all the shapes of white encourage creativity.

Milan tinged with whiteness by Italian design

“White in the city” glamorizes the talents of Italian design through a melt in pot of complementary and kindred personalities. Businessmen, desingers, architects, students and design lovers will meet in this show dedicated to the excellence of the Italian style. The meaning of the exhibition finds expression in white colour and wants to communicate directly with the visitors’ senses involving them in a warm and emotional experience. Don’t miss the chance to see the installations of Corà Parquet at “White in the City”, but if you do, let’s take the virtual tour on Corà Parquet Facebook page.