Project Description

Boiserie is the new line of decorative panels for interiors launched on the market by Corà Parquet, the Altavilla Vicentina company that has been operating in the field of wood for almost a century. These are wooden decorations and coatings for walls and vertical surfaces, capable of giving a new face to the interiors, creating a warm, welcoming and elegant atmosphere. Boiserie is an original and innovative material, easy to apply both in assembly and recovery, in case you want to change the appearance of the walls.

The panels can be fixed either with special glues or with small hidden screws that make the recovery and renewal of the wall simple and fast. Furthermore, they do not require any type of maintenance, being a natural material, which in addition increases the thermal and acoustic insulation.
Boiserie is suitable for all environments, whether they are private homes or hotels, restaurants and trendy clubs, especially if located in mountain resorts where wood enhances its characteristics. Boiserie is available in two large families: regular square panels and irregular stone panels. Then there are different colors, from natural stone effect to white, from rough without any treatment to ancient stone, to walnut.

For information and contacts

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36077 Altavilla Vicentina (VI)

tel. 0444.372701