Just a few steps, and in a flash it’s like walking in Venice in the sixteen hundreds. This is the power of Century, the new collection from Corà Parquet’s Design Line. An extraordinarily innovative floor, yet able to transmit the images of centuries of history.

A first glance reveals that Century is not any kind of parquet. The surface plays deliberately, approaching the extraordinarily evocative power of the Venetian dolphins, those wooden pole structures that still unmistakeably project from the flat horizon of the Lagoon, as they indicate the navigable channels while continually battling against the movement of the sea.

With Century those routes take shape again, following the impressions of a past that has never been so alive.

Aged with style

The finishes were idealised to simulate the same prestigious ageing of floors in ancient manors, still visible today in many villas from the 17th century. The wooden planks are first hardened by hot-pressing and then processed using ancient techniques, such as brushing, saw cutting, planing, and even worm-eating, an authentic trademark of Century flooring.

All this to beautify the surface of the planks, making each one more unique: finding identical incisions is impossible.

The perfection of imperfection

What makes Century unique is all here. Four wood types: Canaletta Walnut, National Walnut, European Durmast and Burmese Teak. Two and three layers encased in a single plank. Above all, an incredible makeup thanks to the most advanced processing technology which adds a lived-in essence that touches the inner depths of the wood.

Incisions, scratches, shadows, striations. A whole pentagram of signs, apparently casual, that echo with life and seem to make the echo of ancient times vibrate without impairing the fascination of a magnificent floor, precisely because intentionally imperfect.

Ancient but with character

The surface of Century flooring tells of a distant past, but the tempering has the character of the most innovative Corà Parquet products in its depth. The wood used is treated with high-resistance Dual-Core UV varnish with a semi-polished effect, which keeps it integral over time and guarantees maximum duration. In addition, all the finishes are treated with a transparent HC “high care Corà” clear protective varnish that contains silver ion particles, creating a natural, long-lasting barrier against even bacteria.

Always in the rights place

Thinking about Century’s style brings to mind the elegance of Venice during the Serenissima period, with its prestigious draperies and baroque furniture. The atmospheres it recalls are immortal, both ancient and modern at the same time. Imagine it as part of today’s architecture, part of the clean, minimal lines of classic modern decor, a contemporary style with that special something extra, a shabby chic style that goes outside the boundaries. No matter what your taste is, Century is the choice that can add character to the atmosphere in  your home. Enjoy the daily discovery of new traces from the past, allow them to become part of your own history.