So many hands to reach your feet!

Four generations have been nurturing this seedling, until it became a big tree. Each flooring comes from a sprout, until it reaches your home. From this sprout, the history of Corà Parquet has begun.

The history of Corà

Corà Domenico & Figli S.p.A., established in 1919 as a local company of timber manufacturing and selling, nowadays it is the Italian leading Group in wood derivatives processing and trading. Thanks to the long-lasting activity in the supply markets worldwide, Corà is the perfect partner for those dealers who need to supply in real time from this unique stock that is the biggest and with the widest offer in Europe: more than 80.000 m3 of timber and 50.000 m3 of timber (logs, window laminated, plywood, panels, engineered veneers and flooring) ready for delivery.

The Parquet Division, founded in 1993 has inherited the values of the Company, especially the environmental protection. With a continuous development of the offer that counts on more than 150 products, Corà Parquet satisfies all the requests coming from retail and contract markets, both for indoor and outdoor use. The company is at the forefront of environmental protection thanks to the use of renewable energy sources, FSC and Pefc Certifications, CO2 emission control and the promotion of programs of sustainable forest management.

The history of our wood floor

“Trees are the pillars of the sky”

American Indian proverb

Corà is very sensitive to the environmental sustainability and respect the International Standards that regulate the timber logging and sustain reforestation programs. It takes 20 years of experience to get a logging that enhances the beauty of the raw material and respects the features of each wood type! For the Corà Group the culture of wood is crucial, it is our identity, which has been built over time, with commitment and persistence. It takes an accurate selection to get the best wood that will dress up you house. For this reason, Corà applies specific quality standards to choose the raw materials.

The wood is the most appreciated material since it is natural and comfortable, it reduces stress, is warm and scented.

The ambient built with wood have a positive influence on the well-being of the people living there. The wood is comfort and well-being itself.

After the selection, the wood requires a proper time to dry. The production can start only when the wood has the proper conditions of humidity. The timber lays in dedicated warehouses and the time depends on the wood specie and sizes. Special probes supervise the proper water vaporisation and the evenly distribution of humidity. After the drying process, the wood lives again thanks to those treatments that make it turns into wood flooring. The wood top layer is assembled to the structure, a technological one, which counterbalances the massive top layer. The finishing then will confer personality and features. The laying is the last step; it enhances the beauty of the wood floor through geometries and creative but functional combinations. With Corà you can wrap your world with nature and light your senses.

Corà Parquet, so many hands to reach your feet!

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