The “High Traffic Corà” finishing comes from studies on technological innovation for the wood flooring protection. HT means “High Traffic” and it is a specific varnishing cycle that confers a longer durability to the surface of the wood  thanks to the treatment of nanotechnology.

Discover scratch and traffic resistant parquet

The aluminum nano-balls of this special varnish gives high resistance to abrasion, scratches and passage to the Corà products of the Design and Evo-Garant Collections. The wood flooring therefore is long-lasting and maintain its original conditions for a long time. From the aesthetic point of view, the HT treatment does not affect the colour of the finish, but it just confers protection.

Discover the efficacy of the HT “High Traffic Corà” treatment

Corà Parquet is continuously searching and developing new ideas and before the launch of each product, it is properly tested. The testing period is key. The tests take place in the Company’s laboratory. But most of all the wood flooring with HT treatment has passed the practical tests during exhibitions: Cersaie 2015-2016 in Blogna, Salone del Mobile 2016 in Milan (at Brummel Kitchens booth), “The Italian Hospitality” stand at IFFS 2017 in Singapore.

You can test personally the efficiency of the HT treatment with a simple test, available at our stores. It is a funny but useful way we thought as to interact with our potential clients.

How does this test work?

Take a simple steel wool sponge and rub it to the surface of the sample test, that is a piece of Corà Parquet wood flooring with HT treatment. With this material you will get a simulation of scratches on the wood surface, you will see how the varnish resist and even protect the wood, and the result is a still perfect surface.

In this way you will test the product and the efficacy of the HT treatment yourself!

HT “High Traffic Corà” treatment: the perfect wood flooring for public spaces

The wood flooring confers beauty, warmth and elegance to the ambiences. In this way any space, even also the public ones such as restaurants, hotel halls, offices and stores, will get a distinctive character.

These are actually the ideal spaces for the flooring with the HT “High Traffic Corà” treatment, that will show its efficacy at best in these areas with a high and constant passage of people.