Did you see the boards panelling the bar of our fresh cooperation with Vinny Smith at the Ring of Kerry Golf Club? The wood is not a material just to cover the floors but also the walls of the most revolutionary design. We are not simply talking about boiserie. In this article, you will discover five creative solutions to use the wood boards in new ways!

The wood flooring is not just to lay on the floor!

We are used to see wood boards laying on the floor, indoor or outdoor. After some hesitation, we use it in the bathroom and in the kitchen. Now the wood flooring is not just to lay on the floors, but it is suitable for wall cladding and furniture!

Here are five creative solutions that we selected for you:

1) Parquet on the wall!

Wave cover the bar of the Ring of Kerry Golf Club  (as per picture). The final effect is a seamless scenery that enhances the restaurant with sinuous lines.

2) Continuum floor.

The flooring continues on the walls and cover camouflaged doors. Floor, walls and doors are seamless, with the same texture. See an example of Continuum Floor during the Cersaie 2015 exhibition.

3) Flooring on the ceiling.

Parallel surfaces, the ceiling and the floor covered by wood, create a precious box with a welcoming intimacy, perfect for a cottage on the mountains or exclusive premises. See an example at our website.

4) Boiserie with LED decorations.

One can create an optical effect on the wall using decorative wooden panelling elements. We could opt to intersperse these wooden elements with LED or iron inserts. Check the boiserie from our showroom.

5) Bed-haed.

Also bed-heads can be in wood flooring. The wood boards goes from the floor to the wall and embraces the bed conferring a warm wrap-around feeling. You can add decoration between the boards to make it more precious and you can chose to cover the whole wall or just a part of it. See what we made for the IFFS exhibition in Singapore in 2017. Which is your favourite solution? Leave your comment!