Wood has always transmitted warmth, serenity and a sense of harmony with nature. An ecological material, of great aesthetic value, functional and long lasting. For these reasons, it has always been used in construction and, today, wood for exterior cladding has become an exploitable material even for buildings facades!

In the past few years, the use of wood has increased and it is more and more used for outdoor locations, for both decking and cladding for buildings facades. Thanks to its versatility in the design world, wood allows to enhance outdoor spaces, giving a certain style and beauty that blends in with the surrounding environment, thus creating an elegant continuity.

Characteristics of outdoor decking

Outdoor decking is sturdy, resistant to high foot traffic and to weather conditions. The cleaning and care products used for the decking maintenance do not release harmful substances into the environment and are therefore respectful to the ecosystem. Find out everything you need to know about outdoor decking in our blog.

Types of decking installations


Decking is a synonym of Elysium, the recommended decking by Corà Parquet. This material is resilient to mould and weather conditions that could damage it.

Large Planks

Usually big planks are used to install decking in bespoke spaces: pool edges, terraces, sidewalks, benches and flowerbeds. They are available in different wood species, to satisfy business needs (i.e. Ipè and Cumarù are suitable for installation with high traffic environments), as well as for the home and Luxury market (in these cases we recommend the Thermo-treated Ash, Bangkirai or Indonesian Teak).

Teak module

The pre-assembled modular tiles in Teak are easy to install, allowing quickly installing or removing of the decking even on large open spaces. You can read more about the pre-assembled teak modules for DIY installation.

The best woods for decking

Before choosing your preferred wood decking, it is important to scrutinise the surface on which will be laying as well as its purpose.


Among the most valuable and important woods we find the Teak species which, for its technical characteristics, is defined as the “outdoor wood” for excellence. Teak contains a natural oleoresin, which makes it extremely durable over time and it is pest resistant. The constant dimensional stability, permeability and its beauty make the Teak precious and unique in its kind.


The Ipè is one of the sturdiest wood species in the world. Its high density makes it suitable for every use: both in domestic and business environments. This precious wood is practically immune to weather conditions, fungi and pests!

Cumaru FSC®

Similar to the Ipè but different in colour tones, is the South American Cumaru FSC®. The Cumaru belongs to a class A flame propagation coefficient, comparable to concrete or steel. It has excellent characteristics for heavy outdoor use, such as flooring for business use, façade cladding, piers and shipbuilding.

FSC® Thermo-treated Ash

Let us not forget the FSC® Thermo-Treated Ash, a certified material subjected to a thermo-treatment, which avoids the use of chemicals and therefore has darker tones. As a result to the thermos-treatment the wood dimensional stability and durability properties are increased, all characteristics that are necessary for the outdoor use.


To conclude we find the Bangkirai, which typically ranges from a red-brown colour to greyish-brown tone. Particularly suitable for the use of medium to large outdoor decking, and for walkways construction in floating pontoons.

How does wood react in outdoor installation?

Decking, directly exposed  to sunlight and weather conditions, is subject to a natural colour variation tending to turn grey in time, a feature nowadays sought after by designers and architects, some finishes are even specifically designed to try to reproduce this effect that only time can offer. With constant maintenance it is however possible to slow down this natural process.

We highly recommend a dedicated oil treatment soon after laying and proper maintenance with the appropriate Outdoor Maintenance Kit – Corà Floor Care.

Corà Parquet offers an entire line dedicated to the Outdoor, offering 6 products: Indonesian Teak, Teak Modulo, Ipé, Bangkirai, FSC® Thermo-Treated Ash and Pino Radiata Cumaru FSC® to guarantee real wood decking.

Find out more on the website: https://www.coraparquet.it/linee-di-parquet/outdoor