Did you know that there wood floors can be laid with different installation systems? It depends on the type of flooring and the format of planks or boards. First of all the sub-floor must be prepared as to protect the wood floor from humidity and allow the laying on a clean, leveled and consistent ground.

The techniques of laying the parquet

Let’s see the three main installation methods:


The wood boards shall be glued on the back and then directly to the ground (flat and solid). Possible adjustments of the wood are held back this way.


The wood boards with joint shall be installed after laying vapor barrier mat and sound-proof mat on the sub-floor. In order to follow the natural movements of wood, a room of few millimeters shall be left on the wall perimeter, that will be hidden then by the skirting.


This is the traditional installation on cement sub-floors where wood boards called joists are included. Once the sub-floor has dried, the boards are nailed on the joint. After the installation, you should sand, clean, polish and fill the holes with wood putty. If the floor is prefinished it does not require any treatment since it is already finished during the production process. Among the wood floor finishes are oil and wax, that keep the natural look of the wood and allow its transpiration. With a constant maintenance the wood floor it will stay bright and beautiful for a long time. Did you find our article useful ? Keep following us on our Facebook page and keep update on our #Wood Experience.