Alongside the new collection Eccellenze Italiane, the Corà High Care Paint is also been developed. Let us find out how to protect your parquet flooring against hygiene enemies.

Indoor Health and Wellness: wooden floor protection against hygiene enemies

Thanks to its silver ions particles the special Corà High Care Paint, creates a natural and lasting barrier against hygiene enemies.

The wooden floor is therefore treated with a paint that contains sanitizing additives, which works on water and solvent-based finishes, neutralizing the microorganisms that come into contact with the silver ions present on the wood surface.

Corà’s High Care paint creates a formidable barrier against hygiene enemies, restraining the proliferation of bacteria. The powerful additives present in the High Care formulation do not alter the characteristics of the paint or pose any health or food hazard.

The High Care paint has both human welfare and environment sustainability at heart. This additional protection makes parquet flooring laying particularly suited for installation in environments that require high hygiene standards: hotels, spas, beauty centres, gyms, etc.


How to take care of the hygiene of your parquet flooring

How to take care of the hygiene of your parquet flooring? In addition to the protection provided by the High Care Paint, Corà Parquet has created a line of products useful to clean and care for your wooden floor. Read Corà Floor Care products for your wooden floor maintenance Corà Parquet offers to  first time customers a complementary maintenance kit sample. (minimum order amount required) You can also win another by participating in our Instagram contest!

Discover the Corà Parquet Test Laboratory technological quality

Did you know that Corà built a laboratory to test and guarantee the high technological and manufacturing quality of its parquet flooring? Read more about Corà Parquet Test Laboratory. Find out more about HT finish « High Traffic Corà »: the special treatment containing aluminium micro-spheres aluminium micro-spheres that renders the wooden floor very resilient and most suited to areas with high foot traffic.