Wood is a durable and lasting material, always rich of charm and beauty. A wooden floor makes every room look precious, welcoming and pleasant. Choose the highest wood quality for your home; discover the 10-year warranty for Corà parquet flooring.

On what depends the life of a wooden floor?

Durability depends on three factors:

  • the quality of the wooden planks used

  • the quality of the installation

  • the wooden floor care and maintenance

In some cases, manufacturers have opted to use a lower quality standard to reduce costs and offer competitive prices though this might affect the life of a wooden floor regardless of the quality of the installation and proper maintenance.

Corà, with the «Made in Italy» production of the Evo Garant Line and almost all of the Design Line, offers its customers the best of raw materials. Each phase of the production process is performed with the utmost care and accuracy, and exceptional quality controls that, together with the most advanced technologies and accurate laboratory tests, guarantees a reliable product over time.

Corà commitment to quality

Corà ensures the quality of the wooden planks and raw material used during the manufacturing process, which prove to be lasting over time and are testimony of the centenary bond that Corà has with wood. Moreover, it is possible, to request a 10-year warranty, which will protect the product’s durability over time.

Corà Parquet, the conscious choice!

The «Complete Regulations of the 10-year Corà warranty” outlines   the limits and directions for which the quality of the wood used is guaranteed , the glues used and the final assembly of the product compared to any imperfection or defect that may appear in time.

A guaranteed production process

Corà, to maintain such high standards, has completely revised the production process, implementing new and thorough checks throughout the row materials selection followed by a prompt quality control of the composite board’s assembly, gluing and painting processes and tests on the flatness of the surfaces.

Would you like to know more? Discover the wood path from our hands to your feet.

10-year warranty with Corà Floor Care

To take full advantage of Corà Parquet’s 10-year warranty, we have designed and produced a series of wooden floor maintenance products the «Corà Floor Care», recommended for the well being of the parquet flooring. Read all about the floor cae and maintenance products.