The sensation of walking barefoot on a wood floor, hand-worked by expert craftsmen, is unique and unrivalled. But, can you lay a parquet floor in the bathroom? Discover the most water-resistant wood

In our blog we have extensively talked about the benefits of walking barefoot on a wood floor; but despite the fact that many people love wood floors and the sensations it offers, many have some reservations when it comes to laying it in the kitchen or in the bathroom. Are you also terrified that a drop of water may fall onto your parquet floor? Let’s set the record straight.

First, wood is a living material that changes over time and is constantly influenced by the surroundings, humidity and sunlight. Many fear the contact between wood and water, but is it not true that the hulls of boats are made of wood?

Of course, the wood used for boats is treated and water-proofed. Wood floors cannot undergo the same treatment; nevertheless, parquet floors can be laid in the bathrooms. All you have to do is prevent water from stagnating. Water stagnations, in fact, are the only occurrence that may damage the parquet floors.

To care for wood floors laid in humid environments, we recommend opening the windows and ventilate the rooms after showering to dispel any humidity that may have built up in the room, so that it does not alter the floors.

Which parquet floor should you choose for your bathroom?

Of course, it is a good idea to choose wood species that guarantee stability when subjected to humid conditions, such as Doussiè, Iroko and Teak. Oak, which is a very common wood species, requires special care, as it tends to develop small blooms when it comes into contact with water, due to a reaction with tannin, which is present in large quantities in this type of wood. Oak is nevertheless well known for its stability and hardness, which make it long-lasting.

Which parquet floor should you choose for your bathroom? Before choosing a wood species over another one, it is important to keep in mind the specific environmental conditions to which the parquet floor will be exposed.

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Three good reasons for laying a wooden floor in your bathroom

arquet floors are the winning choice for every room, even for the bathroom!

Any room, in fact, benefits from the presence of a living and warm material. Moreover, a wood floor is a style choice that gives continuity to all the rooms in the house. The architect and the planner love to give personality to their projects by choosing wood, selecting finishing and colours that give any house a coordinated look.  Parquet floors are a furnishing and decorative feature for any house. This is the first good reason to not do without wood in the most humid rooms.

The second reason is that wood is both practical and functional. All you need to keep your floor clean is a vacuum cleaner and a damp cloth, and you can say goodbye to problems caused by dust and moulds build-up between the tiles. And last, but not least, parquet floors are long-lasting, increase their value over time and the more they are used the more character they acquire.

Maintenance recommendations for parquets floors in bathrooms:

  • Keep the room ventilated to prevent excessive moisture, especially after showering;

  • Prevent water stagnations and clean up the floor using a damp cloth;

  • When cleaning the floor daily, make sure that you follow the vein of the wood.

Do you want to know more on how to keep your floor clean? Read our maintenance instructions and  our recommendations on how to care for your parquet floors.