The core of wood treasures the memories of nature and the ancient relationship of man with the environment. We used to live closely with nature and trees. We learnt how to grow the woods to get the necessary to warm up, to shelter and fabricate tools of many types.

Which feature makes the wood a perfect material for architecture and design?

Still nowadays the wood is widely used, also in architecture. Wood is the ideal material to cover the surfaces of your home. It is cozy and warm since the beginning and it becomes more and more charming with time. It is therefore a renewable resource. Properly grown woods will offer wood forever and contribute to reduce CO2 emissions.

Which are the main features of wood?


Wood is a natural material and therefore is constantly subjected to variations due to external agents: temperature, humidity, natural light, air and deterioration for use. The perfect environmental conditions for the wood is temperature between 15°C and 30°C and relative humidity between 45% and 65%.


The colour of wood depends on the natural substances it is made of, which change with time and cause a slow colour change. Each wood type has a distinctive colour tone and some have distinctive bright streaks called ray flecks.


Most of the wood floors is treated with special varnishing or oil-based products. The finishing is subjected to a natural transformation process over time, and the original finish can be restored with a proper maintenance. You can see how to take care of your wood flooring on our article.


Wood is a natural material whose beauty is strictly connected to wear. The colour of the wood changes due to the natural oxidation process, very small cracks and dents due to the use may happen with time. We advise against the use of carpets as it may create an area with different colour over time. Usually the wood flooring achieves the best conditions of colour one year from the laying. People who truly love wood like each new mark or a changing shade, that confers beauty and a distinctive personality to the floor.

Did you fall in love with wood, which are the features you like best ? did you choose wood floor for you house ? Give your comment and tell us about your experience.