Choosing to lay wood flooring in your home is no longer just a matter of style and undeniable beauty, but it is also a choice that benefits the environment and the soul. The unmistakable warmth and comfort of wood will have a new life and show its natural characteristics even after a few months from laying. In order to keep the beauty and health of wood floor, it depends a lot on the finish: let’s have a look together on how to maintain the wood floor perfect using oil finish.

Oil finish wood flooring

This oil-based treatment gives wood that look similar to the first and true floors, those treated for centuries with waxes and oils, which have furnished the halls of the most majestic historic buildings and luxury residences. Through this treatment, the oil penetrates the wood fibre and, thanks to its protective action, makes the surface water-repellent. The final effect is very natural and respectful of the environment, matching the taste of anybody who loves nature.

Maintenance of oil finished wood flooring

After the oil varnish, it takes a few months for the crosslinking process to be completed and functional. During this time, since there is no protective film on the surface of the wood, everything penetrates inside the fibres. Taking care of the wood becomes therefore very important!

In order to maintain and nourish this particular type of finishing, Cora Parquet has created the Natural Oil Regeneration Maintenance Kit which includes both products for ordinary and regular cleaning:

RMC SOAP is a soap for the regular cleaning of oil-treated surfaces. It completely removes dirt and grease without leaving any patina and preserves the natural and opaque look of the wood. It is a concentrated soap, therefore extremely convenient.

RMC OIL PLUS REPAIRING colours and protects your wood in a single pass! Unlike traditional solid wax oils, RMC Oil Plus adheres to the wood layer by means of a molecular reaction, obtaining a lasting protection. This molecular bond allows RMC Oil Plus to fix itself immediately on the upper microns of the surface of your parquet.

If scratches or burn marks show up, or there is clear intense wear, Corà has designed a restoration treatment with RMC Oil Plus. Local repair is easy: only fibres of the wood released during damage will be combined with the new oil.

To maintain the parquet with oil finish, you must strictly follow the instructions and doses indicated in the package of Rigenera Natural Oil Maintenance Kit!

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