Among the prefinished wood flooring Collections of Corà Parquet, Metal Luxury shines thanks to its personality and originality. It is a majestic flooring that embellishes the room thanks to the metal-like finishes.

Revolutionary Design

This kind of flooring is made of Oak planks with a special finishing that confers a metal-like look. Once the laying is completed, Metal Luxury creates a surface that seems to absorb and reflect the light with a kaleidoscopic effect.  The colour of the flooring is three-dimensional and change according to the observation point. Metal Luxury is therefore a flooring with a strong character. The inspiration coming from alchemical ancestry typical of this collection is a perfect combination between the traditional warmth of the wood and the cold tone of metallic iridescences.

Precious metal effect

The design of Metal Luxury means innovation and creativity that goes on flight of fancy to be the perfect flooring for minimalistic furniture, offering beauty and rigour to your rooms.

IFFS 2017

Metal Luxury, Copper finish, will be presented at “The Italian Hospitality” booth at the International Furniture Fair in Singapore from 9th to 12th March 2017. On this occasion the Oak boards are installed as a boiserie and offer the idea to be  the perfect wall cladding in the bedroom. Continue to follow our blog and our Facebook Page to find out more about the world of Corà Parquet.