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Our spot on Sky: Corà, naturally resistant wood flooring

Our spot on Sky: Corà, naturally resistant wood flooring

From today 11 December 2018 until January 2019, on the SKY channels the new spot Corà Wood Flooring will air! The wood flooring takes its own voice and tells us about a flooring to live and touch without hesitation, which evokes the woods where it is born, the materiality of wood, to be composed in various geometric combinations and design colours, inspired by the nuances present in nature. The Corà wood flooring will show itself in all its form, made of eco-friendly material, because from nature it is born and back to nature it goes, an authentic product that you will choose instinctively with your heart, because it brings us into the scent of the forest!

Our spot

The flooring in the spot lives the everyday life of a family: on his skin he feels the rhythm of a woman’s heels and the touch of the dog’s paws, the irrepressible impulse of the child running with his toy car, the dance of a girl’s roller skates and the trolley of a man with his travels and his returns. The images flow between the indoor environment of the house and the outdoor environment of the forest, to remind us that wood is an ethical choice, ecological and practical, able to satisfy everyone’s taste and style. A durable and anti-scratch flooring: the HT paint The great value of the Corà wood flooring is shown in being a durable and scratchproof flooring thanks to the HT paint, optional on the Design Line and Evo-Garant. “High Traffic Corà”: specific painting cycle that, through a particular nanotechnology treatment it gives the products surface of Corà wood flooring a high resistance to abrasion, trampling and scratches, thus maintaining the wooden flooring in perfect condition over time. From an aesthetic point of view, the choice of HT paint does not change the colour of the chosen finish but adds protection to the flooring.

Discover this painting technique the result of several technological studies on innovation for the protection of parquet. Corà Parquet: a story that speaks of wood from almost a century! Watch our spot

Watch our spot


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