What are the 2018 trends for wood flooring? Let us open the New Year by having a look  in the latest trends of  the design world! The passion of past years for the natural materials has surely contributed to make the wood a must have in any interior design project. If wood and stone were the cult material of 2017, they will be even more so in 2018!

Parquet floor Laying: the return of the herringbone pattern

In recent years, wooden floor has moved away from traditional settings from the country ( i.e. chalets and historic villas) to conquer cities and even seaside residences. The novelty that awaits us in 2018 is the return of the parquet to its origins and in particular, to its classic herringbone installation, made contemporary thanks to the use of decisive colour contrasts.

2018: the «modern classic»

In 2018 the traditional textures are mixed with the most innovative colours and finishes to impose a new trend in style. It will be the year of the «modern classic»: the passion for tradition will be modernized by introducing some contemporary elements to create contrasts. This year both character and personality expressions cannot be missed even for lovers of the essential lines. Moreover the Japanese  «wabi sabi” philosophy , the art of finding beauty in imperfection caused by time, will gives authenticity even to the  most elegant environments and will be very popular.

Pantone 2018 color: recover energies with the Ultra Violet

This year the Pantone colour it’s Ultra Violet! According to the company, it alludes to contemplation, mystery and imagination,  the prelude to a year dedicated to relax and well living. In the parquet world this translates into the use of natural colours and to the creation of soft environments in which you can let go of commitments and regain your balance.

Colours of Corà Parquet collection “Eccellenze Italiane”

Eccellenze Italiane is the new Corà Parquet line, which presents for  2018 fourteen different colours! All the finishes of this new line feature natural shades that lend themselves perfectly to the furnishing of relaxing environments and to the creation of soft atmospheres. See the photos of the presentation of the line Eccellenze Italiane during the White In The City event.

2018: the passion lights up the walls of the sleeping area

How to celebrate the bedroom, the environment that allows us to recover all our energy? 2018 will be the year where one can indulge with fantasy in transforming the headboards in personalized and original corners! How?  Read our article on the five creative solutions to use parquet not only on the floor!