With the arrival of the beautiful season comes also the time for a spring-cleaning. If your home has a wooden floor, you should take some cleaning precautions for the summer. Wood, being a living material, is very sensitive to products and substances used to clean it. Here are some tips on how to clean your wood flooring after winter.

How do you clean your wood floor after the winter?

Spring has finally arrived, temperatures are milder, humidity has reduced and the sun peeps into our windows. Even wood, being this a natural material, it is affected by climate change hence we must devote more attention to it. Therefore, classic cleaning techniques may not be enough to keep the wood alive and bright. To clean our wood flooring we must avoid soaking it too much with liquid and aggressive products, such as alcohol and bleach, which could damage the surface. Furthermore, it is important not to use oily products, because they could stain wood. Even water can be the enemy of your wooden floor, although necessary for a thorough cleaning, and needs to be used in appropriate quantities: most importantly do not pour it directly onto the floor, but always use a damp and well wrung out cloth.

Step by step wood flooring spring cleaning

First, use a vacuum with brush attachment for wood flooring or a microfiber cloth, in order to remove dust, residues and impurities that could scratch the floor. Be careful, however, never use steam cleaners that could damage the wood! Then, you can start cleaning it with a neutral detergent or a reviving-protective emulsion. Do not use foaming, abrasive, acidic, corrosive substances (both chemical and natural) which can damage the surface. Corà has devised various cleaning and maintenance products designed specifically for each type of wood: the Corà Floor Care Maintenance Kit.

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Cleaning products for oiled or varnished wood flooring

The oiled wood flooring needs to be rejuvenate periodically, by reapplying a specific product of the Corà Floor Care line. How many times a year should this be done? Twice a year is usually sufficient, depending on the wear and tear. This is a very simple but necessary step to protect and moisturize the wood surface once again. For wooden floors with a varnish finish (or Uv oil), we recommend using the Corà Conditioner product, based on reviving wax that nourishes and regenerates the wooden floor. For particularly worn floors, Wax Care (a product with water repellent wax) protects and maintains the surface unaltered. Thanks to a transparent film acting as a barrier with a formula designed to protect wood from water and light scratches, Wax Care is excellent for floors treated with paint, UV oil and oil, even for newly installed floors. Do you want to find out more?

Here’s how to look after your wood floor.