The style and Italian design appeal is showing during the International Furniture Fair in Singapore from the 9th to the 12th March 2017. The show receives 21.000 visitors with exhibitors from 14 different countries.

The lounge space

“The Italian Hospitality” is the project where you can find Corà parquet and it recreates, inside the hall, the typical air of the Italian hospitality. A lounge of 200 square meters, elegant and comfortable, will inspire the architects and interior designers, thanks to the esteemed Italian style.

This lounge is for a big lobby of hotels, of airport or a V.I.P. area. The wood and glass are the main materials used with original and amazing combinations. The neutral, warm and elegant lounge space will show furniture, lights and furnishings, with current and technologically innovative texture and colours.

Project by Giulio Cappellini

“The Italian Hospitality” is a project by Giulio Cappellini, creative architect from Milan, head of the namesake design brand. The purpose of this project is creating a space where the visitors can find an interaction and sharing occasion. The lounge space will set up for the networking in according to the stylistic comfort of an Italian home.

The Italian charm at the IFFS 2017

“The Italian Hospitality” presents all the Italian design charm to the Asian market. In this context, Corà is going to introduce the matt grey wood flooring of the WAVE collection, in almost all the lounge space, an innovative flooring thanks to its curvy and wavy shape.

In the bedroom, our COPPER Metal Luxury wall cladding will cover a wall, a metallic material where the wood, with a special lacquer, becomes like oxidise iron, almost rusted, without losing its elegance and sparkle.

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