More space for nature, even – and above all – between the domestic walls. This seems to be the new concept of normality in indoor furnishing tendencies, above all after the huge pandemic that only too well showed us what spending a lot of time at home, or far from open spaces that help us feel good, means.

articolo - oltre la pandemia

In the first phase of the tightest lockdown, we had to give up everything that was “outside”. Then, when we slowly started reconquering the surrounding spaces, we realised that it was still not enough. Often, the environments we love have the green tones of a mountain trail, the aroma and reflections of water seen from a jetty overlooking the sea, the serenity of a silent forest, full of life. Scenarios that cannot always be found just around the corner, above all by those who live in the city.

The new mood in domestic living tries to take our bodies and minds back to being en plein air, revealing a different elsewhere at every turn. Nature returns to its essential function: regenerating us a little more each day, giving back that feeling of wellbeing we cannot relinquish.

Going back to putting down roots

Home is wherever we feel we can put down roots. But it is also the starting point of every journey to discover the life that flows beyond our walls. The primary need for stability and safety is therefore the principal element behind the vital energy that moves us in our daily lives. And this double side of our wellbeing exists in a single material, the only one able to keep together two souls that are as contrasting as sturdiness and flexibility: wood.

With wood, we find this play of contrasts everywhere, something that emerges from the sapient use of a material which stands out without having to shout. With wood we breathe in peace and lightness, never monotony. And we allow ourselves to be transported to those places where we can feel in harmony with ourselves.

Wood, silent strength

Wood is a must for furnishings in this new domestic metamorphosis, which aims at transforming our homes from closed spaces into doors that open onto the world. Certainly, it must be dosed with intelligence, to keep its strong power intact. A strength that does not need to be invasive to be noted.

Nature in movement

Wood as a choice for furnishings, wood as a choice for coverings. Wood that adds a rustic touch to the most classic styles, or that plays with contrasts, adding warmth to the most modern atmospheres. The choices we have before us are infinite. Where to start? Our advice is to start from the fundamental point, namely the floor. Parquet is the only furnishing element that is beautiful to both look at and touch, with bare hands and feet. Good parquet is nature in movement; it walks with us, supporting our every step. With its sinuous, unpredictable lines, it designs new routes with every reflection of light. It is a mosaic of indications to discover and decipher, in which to play at losing and finding ourselves.

With Corà there are truly no limits

The great thing is that there are truly no limits with Corà parquet. Nature appears through its surfaces, thanks tothe Evo Garant line of colours that exalt the three-dimensionality of the wood, for those who love the rustic, natural style.

Nature is in colours, like those obtained from the reaction between the mineral salts and vegetable extracts of the Ethic line, or the warm, living tones with their characteristic velvety splendour of the Rigenera Natural Oil line, whose products do not release any volatile substances, that give tone without covering the distinctive signs of the surface. It is in aromas, like those of Essenze Evo Garant, the line that recalls the fragrance of uncontaminated forests. And, finally, nature is in fibres, thanks to the treatments that strengthen the wood from the inside and give it an immortal beauty that is always different.

This is the new nature that transforms our way of staying at home, turning it into a performance with a green heart, unique in every season.