walking barefoot in winter like parquet

Too cold in winter to walk barefoot around the house? Not for those who have chosen parquet, which especially in the coldest months of the year can be an extraordinary source of pleasure, with beneficial effects on body and mind.

In fact, with parquet, winter is always outside the door, and all it takes is direct contact with the surface to be immediately wrapped up in a sensation of warmth that allows you to relax and release all the tensions accumulated during the day in just a few moments.

Under the lights of the Christmas tree, inebriated by the scent of a hot chocolate or herbal tea, or in front of the lit stove, when the days are getting shorter and the weather outside is wolfish, there really is nothing better than being pampered by the warmth of wood, its scent and its unique sensations. Finding yourself walking surrounded by nature, without having to leave the house.

And the positive effects on us and our space… really take hold.

The comfort of natural heat insulation

Firstly, parquet contributes to the overall warmth of our homes because wood is a natural thermal insulator that retains temperature and immediately creates a cosy ambience (and it is no coincidence that it is also a material perfectly suited to underfloor heating systems).

Another important aspect concerns thermal conductivity. Unlike tiles or other coverings, wood retains heat better and releases it slowly, transferring it directly to our feet, which immediately feel that they are in contact with a much less cold surface.

Last but not least, the multi-sensory effect. Parquet, especially in the colour tones of more classic wood, also communicates warmth to our eyes.

Camminare scalzi di inverno - Corà Parquet

And with large-format planks and staves left untreated or with unfinished effect processing – today the most popular choice – it can give breadth and depth even to less airy rooms, offering a more tactile and even more pleasant feel.

Welness at your feet

Direct contact with parquet is good for our feet, but not only because wood avoids the winter ‚thermal shock‘ typical of traditional floors.

In fact, the soft, even surface of wood directly affects our well-being, thanks to its biophilic impact. That is, the ability, as we have said, to awaken in our subconscious that sense of nature to which we ourselves belong.

This makes parquet able to regulate stress levels, controlling heart rate and blood pressure, and improving the emotional state in general.

Not to mention that wood also has positive effects on the quality of the indoor atmosphere, because it keeps humidity constant and has excellent sound absorption properties, as well as shielding from electromagnetic radiation.

How can we ensure maximum well-being while doing good to our environment? The perfect formula requires a temperature in the home always between 18 and 22 degrees, and a humidity between 40 and 65%. In this way, with a floor temperature of around 24 degrees, we will have that perfect mix of parameters that determine maximum comfort for both us and our floor, as we have explained well in this article .

Make yourself at home

Taking off your shoes on a wooden floor is therefore the easiest thing we can do to give ourselves an instant sense of serenity and balance, even in winter. If it is a Corà parquet floor, you can also be sure of its high standard of hygiene, thanks to the High Care silver ion varnish treatment, which creates a permanent protective barrier against viruses and bacteria, always making the surface safe for you and your family.

Walking barefoot on the parquet floor thus becomes that little dose of vitality that we include in our daily routine of activities in the home, capable of contributing one step at a time to giving us relaxation and making us feel fitter, with maximum protection.

camminare scalzi di inverno - parquet

All this by freeing our feet, which in the cold months are often prisoners of all kinds of footwear even for 10-12 hours a day at a time. A bare foot stimulates circulation, improves muscles and posture, and on a soft surface such as wood also reduces the load on joints.

And as we have said, it can be the best start to our own personal health walk. Even in winter, and even without leaving the house.