Wood for external cladding: outdoor decking

Wood has always transmitted warmth, serenity and a sense of harmony with nature. An ecological material, of great aesthetic value, functional and long lasting. For these reasons, it has always been used in construction and, today, wood for exterior cladding has become an exploitable material [...]


Can wood flooring and underfloor heating be combined? Yes, they can! Let’s se together how.

Have you ever wonder if wood flooring and underfloor heating can be combined? The answer is yes, they can for sure. Wood flooring is indeed perfectly compatible with the under-floor heating. The wood radiates heat like any other kind of floor material. Many people appreciate [...]


Does wood flooring change colour? Find out everything about the oxidation of wood

During the years wood can undergo a natural oxidation process. That's why the floor changes colour and tones over time. But it is precisely the ability of wood to breathe and change over time one of the most appreciated qualities by designers. Wood oxidation: the [...]


Parquet floors for high-traffic areas. The best wood.

Which is the most suitable wood floor for high-traffic areas? In another article, we spoke about "High Traffic Corà", the technologically innovative varnish to care for high-traffic parquet floors. Today, we find out more about the type of parquet floor that should be used in [...]


Wood flooring and deforestation: norms and environmental sustainability

Wood is a heritage of inestimable value and as such should be protected and defended, especially when we choose it for our homes. Wood flooring  is a natural product and it is essential to use it with respect and wisdom. Let us look into the [...]


FABBRICA 4.0: restyle of the memorable industrial wood flooring, debut at Fuorisalone 2017 in Milan

FABBRICA 4.0 has been launched in April 2017 form Corà Parquet during White in the City exhibition, Brera district, in cooperation with Arch. Carla Baratelli’s Studio Asia, as to perform the theme “white colour as the  driving force behind well-being and comfort in everyday life” [...]


Wood flooring and pets

Wood flooring and pets seem impossible to combine! We immediately think about a fast run of our four-legged companions at home, his food out of the bowl, his nail when he stretches. Actually, it is pretty  easy to have these two in the same house. [...]

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