His Majesty, herringbone parquet

Turin, 26 May 2021 – In a world that is drastically changing around us, domestic environments have acquired a new central role as hybrid spaces for life, work and leisure, aimed at maximizing the mental and physical well-being of their occupants. Recently, we had a chance [...]


Ethico, parquet becomes a jewel

A wood floor with gold and silver reflections. A processing technique from the artisanal workshops of ancient Egypt. A new, but also ancient, way of erasing the superfluous from our environments, dressing them in a completely new light. With Ethico, every space becomes a jewel. Precious [...]


White Luxury: Corà Parquet with Studio Piva at Fuori Salone 2017

Our ContinuumFloor was selected for Sala della Passione by Studio Piva. The innovative project, curated by the architect Marco Piva and his entourage, was made more precious by the 3D effect of the wood, in three colours that varied from white to grey. ContinuumFloor: flooring [...]


Environmental protection and respect. Corà’s commitment

Wood is around us every day and most of it comes from the forests that fill our landscapes with green. Wood is a renewable material and easy to recycle; it protects and respects the environment when managed according to the certifications that regulate its use. [...]


Corà celebrates art, culture, architecture and design

FREESPACE is the Biennale Architettura 2018 event that has become famous from Venice to Vicenza thanks to the exhibition dedicated to David Chipperfield at the Basilica Palladiana. This is how Corà celebrates art, culture, architecture and design as it comes up to its own hundredth [...]


Can you lay a parquet floor in the bathroom? Discover the most water-resistant wood

The sensation of walking barefoot on a wood floor, hand-worked by expert craftsmen, is unique and unrivalled. But, can you lay a parquet floor in the bathroom? Discover the most water-resistant wood In our blog we have extensively talked about the benefits of walking barefoot on [...]

Иконка Cora Parquet Live
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