Miraggio is the innovative collection of high quality parquet, designed by Pininfarina for Corà, that is made of wood and stoneware. The collection enhances your home, a refuge where you can find serenity and release from the daily hustle and bustle of life, a place where you feel welcomed, where you can reconnect with nature and find yourself again.
The innovation lies in the amalgamation of wood surfaces, typically warm and natural for indoor use, with elements of ceramic stoneware, perfectly functional for outdoor use.
Through the perfect combination of both materials and flooring continuity, Miraggio eliminates the boundary between indoors and outdoors, uniting spaces in one design.
Functionality blends with continuity even indoors: Corà’s new parquet smoothly migrates from a wooden floor to a ceramic one in all the areas of your home where wood may need more care and where stoneware, instead, can express its greater resistance and durability – between the living areas and the kitchen, the living room and the fireplace, the bedroom and the bathroom, for example.



Miraggio is a UNI EN 13489 – UNI EN 13756 certified floor made of prefinished two- and three-layer single panels of European Oak coming from sustainably managed woods and forests. It is the result of Pininfarina’s long experience in drawing curves that allow themselves to be caressed by the wind, an unmistakable element of the most appreciated cars in the world. Pininfarina’s design was inspired by natural decorative patterns which, just like a “mirage”, take on different shapes and tones. The sinuous forms of the wood and stoneware panels bring to mind the movement of sea waves, sand ribs sculpted by gusts of wind in the desert; they offer an imaginary dive into nature, reinforcing feelings of calm and peace. The chromatic range includes four oak finishes and eight stoneware textures, all of which can be combined with each other; designers can use them individually, or create personal combinations in their own style that spread an essence through the rooms.



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