If you’re wondering which type of flooring better match with your home style, find out how to try many possibilities with your smartphone. How to do that ? By downloading the Corà Parquet Live app and playing with all the flooring types!

Which wood flooring better match with your home style ?

Thanks to the Corà Parquet Live app you will get a clear idea of your wood flooring, very close to how it looks like in reality. This app is very useful to see many floor options, it will just take you a few seconds to create live renderings that you can also share. You only have to take a screen capture on your device to save all the renderings you want and compare them later to choose your favorite flooring. Thanks to the augmented reality it’s fun to play with all the styles that a wood flooring can have! This is not an usual 3-D rendering, Corà Parquet Live app will allow you to get a real picture of the chosen floor type in the room you’re in!

How to use Corà Parquet Live app?

Download the free Corà Parquet Live app from the App Store or  form Google Play. How does it work ?

  • Download the tag at Corà Parquet website and print it on an A4-sized paper, or use the tag printed on the back of our catalogue;

  • Lay the tag on the floor;

  • Open the application and get a shot with the camera pointing the tag;

  • Choose your favorite flooring from the menu, per color or product collection;

  • You will see the flooring thanks to the augmented reality and you can compare different floor stiles for your space.

To use the app at best it is recommended to place the tag in an empty space. Using the product item number you can ask for additional info and discover the closest dealer where to see the flooring in reality!

How to use the Corà Parquet Live app in a showroom

If you are a Corà Parquet dealer, the app is the perfect tool for you. Print the tag and download the tag on your device (tablet or smartphone) and you can show the realistic look of the flooring to your clients. From the app menu you can choos the type of product per colour or product collection. As you choose the proper flooring, you will get the item number to place the order. Don’t forget to combine the flooring also with the accessories. Did you find our app useful ? Keep in touch and follow our blog and our Facebook page, to be constantly update on the Corà Parquet world.

Read more: https://www.coraparquet.it/cora-parquet-live