FABBRICA 4.0 has been launched in April 2017 form Corà Parquet during White in the City exhibition, Brera district, in cooperation with Arch. Carla Baratelli’s Studio Asia, as to perform the theme “white colour as the  driving force behind well-being and comfort in everyday life”

FABBRICA 4.0 is the restyle of the memorable industrial wood flooring, looking at the future with rectangular tiles laid with the traditional tongue-and-grove system of the pre-finished wood floors. This floor can be combined in many geometric combinations, with natural or vintage finishes white or black.

FABBRICA 4.0 comes from the historical “industrial” floors that had to absorb noise inside the factories, to create thermic comfort thanks to the natural thermal insulation of wood, to increase the ground planarity of the production sites.

This product is an innovative product philosophy, updating the concept of the massive wood flooring, making it easier to lay thanks to the plywood core. Do you want to discover more ? Here the interview with its designer Massimo Broglio, read the interview.

Which is the industrial flooring history and how did the restyle take place?

The industrial wood flooring was born during the 1960s using the spare parts of the more prestigious wood strips used in the middle-class buildings. It was a sort of “ante-litteram” recycle, when the concept of recycling was not in use yet. Using the waste of many sizes coming from different wood species, you could get an economic flooring, very resistant and kind of unique.

The term “industrial” comes from the ambience where it was installed but also from the fact that it was the result of a precise production process.

With this product Corà Parquet bids on the importance of recycling and wants to offer and easy-laying flooring. For this reason it is a modular small tile with tongue-and-grove system. This product is suitable for all the areas where its technical features are glorified.

Quali sono le particolarità di lavorazione presentate a White In The City?

In occasion of White In The City, during the Salone del Mobile 2017 in Milan, the brand new product FABBRICA 4.0 has been launched, in white colour and a special brushed finishing that highlight the veins and the features of the wood. A subtle vintage mood has linked harmoniously the flooring with the wide range of total white materials that were in this installation ar Palazzo Cusani, design by Studio Asia. Look at the pictures White in the City, Palazzo Cusani. Look at the photos at White In The City at Palazzo Cusani.

Suggestions: which are the best areas to install this floor type?

It is reductive to say that FABBRICA 4.0 can be installed anywhere, though it’s true that, thanks to its colours and small sizes, it can be laid in many spaces.

FABBRICA 4.0 has a strong personality and it won’t take a back seat. Its vintage mood perfectly matches with the current trends of Décor and Interior Design. It offers a transversal use, from stores to restaurants or offices, where its original and not for sure granted touch would completely personalize the spaces.