Wood is a precious and sensitive material that remains alive even after laying. Its incredible ability to maintain and spread the heat makes it a precious ally in the cold season. How does parquet and traditional heating coexist? Here are all our maintenance tips.

Parquet and traditional heating: what to pay attention to?

Sudden changes in temperature and humidity are the main enemies of parquet.  A dry climate can cause small cracks, which can lead to micro-fractures, while a humid climate can cause the parquet to dilate significantly.

For this reason, it is necessary to maintain a correct balance between humidity, which must remain constant between 45% and 65%, and the room temperature, always between 15 ° and 20 ° and never less than 10 °. Conditions other than these are not only harmful to the parquet, but also to our own health!

If you  have traditional heating, you should remember that wood is able to exchange its internal humidity with that of the surrounding environment; so the parquet most sensitive points  are those closer to  radiators and  windows.

To maintain the wood over time it will be sufficient to make sure that our rooms are well ventilated and that the air does not dry out too much due to traditional heating, using special humidifying trays.

Parquet maintenance in winter

The experience of Corà in choosing the best wood and expertise in the most cutting-edge workmanship ensures long-lasting and valuable flooring, resistant even to the harshest winters. Therefore, maintaining a wooden floor is not difficult, does not require too much attention and guarantees the durability of your parquet over the years.

MAINTENANCE is the Keyword! We have already posted a blog with our parquet maintenance tips.

During winter we recommend to mop our flooring with a damp cloth, to offset the air dryness, to keep  the correct moisture  of the parquet.

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