Among the accessories selected by Corà Parquet you can find all the products that complete your floor, from the skirting board to the staircase profiles, precious elements to complete your environment. Here are the parquet accessories that give continuity to your project.

Accessories not to forget to complete the laying of the parquet

After laying the parquet floor, it is important to complete the work using skirting boards and staircase profiles. One can choose from various wood species: walnut, doussie africa, iroko, olive, teak or oak that can be treated in all the available finishes displayed on our catalogue and then coordinated to the same finish of the chosen floor.

Although this seems obvious, the demands for parquet accessories come quite often at a later time, risking delays in the delivery of the material. It is therefore advisable to request all the necessary accessories to make the house a perfect work in all its details.

Parquet accessories: not just profiles and skirting boards!

Among the accessories  all the auxiliary material for laying are also available, including the range of mats for floating installation, which  will be discuss in more detail in one of the next articles.

Moreover, to maintain and make your wooden floor shine, check all the information on parquet maintenance in our blog: click here.

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