Wood, the material par excellence of Bio-architecture

Wooden flooring has become by right the preferred type of flooring inside buildings designed by bio-architecture and for this reason the wood that will be used must be assessed very carefully: we always have a physical contact with the wooden floor, and the choice of the wood, as a natural, warm material with insulating properties and with a notable aesthetic impact, must be careful and precise.

Rigenera Natural Oil by Corà Wooden Flooring

Nature enters the home on tiptoe with the Linea RIGENERA NATURAL OIL.

A wooden flooring that inspires the design of eco friendly and sustainable environments, capable of giving a coherent message from raw materials to treatment, a product that has improved its formulation in order to allow designers to create products that can interpret and give form to contemporary. This is achieved also in projects of Bio-architecture, according to a vision that supports the use of materials and natural substances in buildings constructions, and an ecologically correct attitude towards the ecosystem.

The thought that drove to the birth of a finished product with natural oil such as “Rigenera Natural Oil” and made him protagonist, marries our philosophy to satisfy the desires of the clients who are more sensitive to the « green » theme, in every format, finish and textures.

Rigenera Natural OIL, acts as an expressive yeast of a « green » modernity: with its name it recalls a natural treatment that caresses the fibers of the wood. The types of Oak in new colors with exotic names are treated with the application of a 100% natural oil, free from the release of volatile substances.

The entire color range consisting of eight different shades, such as Coconut, Mango, Papaya, Lime, Litchi, Maracuja, Avocado and Tamarindo, is finished with a natural oil that, by exploiting the molecular bond, adheres perfectly to the top layer of the wood without forming films or saturate its surface. The floor thus treated is free to breathe and thanks to a very simple maintenance, carried out in periodic cycles, will acquire and maintain over time a beauty that only natural products can reach.

In this regard, special attention must be paid to the cleaning and maintenance of the floor, because very often cleaning products are much more polluting than the construction materials used.

For the ordinary maintenance of oiled wooden flooring, Corà proposes Rubiomonocoat SOAP the natural, breathable and pigmented detergent that cleans and nourishes your wooden flooring rendering it alive.


Bio-architecture is the discipline, born at the end of the ’70s, which deals with creating buildings that guarantee and maintain a balance between the health of both the environment and the people who interact with these buildings on several levels. Its goal is to allow people to live in a healthy environment, avoiding contact with materials that are harmful to health.

The importance of choosing materials

In addition to the energy aspect, the choice of materials has proved to be fundamental in creating homes with high standards of insulation, using ecological and natural products, with the aim of satisfying three fundamental principles:

  • High aesthetic impact

  • Great ecological respect

  • Improved livability of environments

The materials must have a low environmental impact, but high efficiency and low costs, paying particular attention to the use of some products such as paints, enamels and chemical paints that over time have been replaced by materials whose sustainable component has become a priority.

Our oil finish is free from the release of volatile substances (Volatile Organic Compounds) so it is 0% VOC.