Simple gestures help taking care of the wood flooring and preserve its beauty and durability. Find out our practical advices to maintain the flooring with time.

The Wood over Time

It is widely felt that wood is an incomparable material thanks to its beauty and sense of warmth. That’s why material nowadays it is the preferred material for home flooring and it is more and more used also in public environments, shops, hotels and high-end locations. The main disadvantage of wood is assumed to be its delicacy. Let’s debunk this assumption. The progress of the finishes and insulating materials, the improvement of the laying systems, the innovation of the textures in design and the choice of the wood types have brought to next-generation wood floors, that are extremely resistant and durable. For a hundred years the Corà Company has been experiencing the knowledge of the wood by choosing the best quality raw materials and conferring the most state-of-the-art working as to get long-lasting, premium wood floors.

Practical advices

It is not difficult to preserve the wood floor at your home, you don’t need to be too much attentive towards it to have a durable flooring. This kind of attention is part of the ordinary maintenance like:

  • Constantly vacuum to get rid of dust and dirt;

  • Wash with neutral detergents by using well-wrung cloths (too much water swells the wood);

  • Apply the specific cleaning product based on the type of wood floor you have at least once a month;

  • Regenerate the floor when needed in order to renovate the brightness and the protective layer.

The beauty of a wood floor can be further preserved by other little tricks. Wood is a living material, therefore it reacts to humidity and temperature changes. Usually at home the temperature is constant, but using humidifiers may help. To air the rooms also helps to keep the wood floor in good condition.

Maintenance kit

To help you with the maintenance of your home flooring, Corà Parquet has created a maintenance kit for each type of wood floor finishing, so together with the flooring you will receive a “Corà Floor Care” MAINTENANCE KIT for free.  You can ask for further kit directly to the Corà Parquet dealer. Did you like our advices for taking care of your home flooring ? Check out all our tips on Wood and follow our Blog.