As previously mentioned in the article on the decking, Teak is the best wood type as outdoor flooring. Corà Parquet introduces the modular Teak tile, which combines functionality, versatility and durability with the accurate finish of the pre-assembled modules. Let’s find out the features of this wood decking.

Teak: features and values

Teak certainly is one of the most durable wood species. This finest material come from plants in the Verbenacee family. The colours and the structure changes based on the place of provenance of the plant.

Teak is considered as the “king of wood” thanks to the excellent durability; it is rich in natural oils conferring unique good smell, texture and look.

Thanks to its features, Teak has a lot of success and it is widely used in construction, marine industry, outdoor furniture and cabinetry. Wood flooring made of Teak are very resistant and long-lasting. 

The colour of modular Teak tile varies from golden brown to tobacco brown. If exposed to direct sunlight and weather conditions is subject to colour changes and may tend to grey with time. A treatment with oil right after the laying and a constant maintenance with oil helps to slow down this process.

Modular Teak tile: the solution for a do-it-yourself laying by Corà Parquet

Teak is suitable for the outdoor areas of any type: decking, terraces, pool edges, gazebos, porches, runways. Corà Parquet offers the Teak modular tile, easy to install, that allows covering quickly any areas, even the big ones.

Functional and versatile, the modular Teak tile is a precious tool for outdoor projects, even for big areas. The laying of this floor is easy and intuitive.

Sizes of the Teak tile (thickness 40 mm, width 570 mm, length 800 mm) have been designed as to make the joint modular and easy to lay, so the tiles have a specific shape on the head to allow the fixing of all the laid elements The start modular tile is exactly half module, 400 mm. The modularity allows a very easy laying.

The natural performance of Teak may further improve thanks to an impregnation process to increase the resistance to humidity, oxidation and water. This treatment does not use solvents but natural oils as to reduce the environmental and toxicological impact.

Concerning the laying, the modular Teak tiles can be installed directly on a draining ground or concrete subfloor. In any case, make sure the ground slope will allow a fast water flowing back. In both case, it is recommended to place rubber levellers as to protect the wood from residual stagnant water.

Find out the features of the outdoor decking by Corà ParqueT Don’t forget to take care of your outdoor decking using the “Maintenance Outdoor” kit!