Which are the main benefits that wood is offering like an outdoor decking ? This material can be a very good solution not only for outdoor floors in gardens, terraces, solarium and side pools, but also for buildings wall cladding.

Wood flooring has always been considered elegant and refined, used in prestigious and sophisticated rooms. Nowadays  the Wood flooring is more and more modern and glamorous, not only indoor – in the kitchen or in the bathroom for example – but also outdoor. New finishes and wood types for outdoor are suitable to resist to weather conditions and to be consistent with natural environments. Let’s discover the world of the  outdoor wood decking.

Outdoor Wood flooring : well-being and functionality

Wood is a natural and ecological material, it offers a sense of comfort and it is perfect to create comfortable and welcoming area. The wood for outdoor use is very hard, tread-resistant and weather resistant. The impregnating treatments for this kind of flooring do not release any pollutants in the environment and are therefore eco-system friendly.

How beauty the decking is

“Decking” is a technical word used to describe the planks that are used to create outdoor flooring. These elements, if properly maintained, are resistant to mould attack and weather conditions, that are the main cause of wood deterioration. Decking may tend to grey with time, due to sunlight exposition. It is possible to limit this natural process typical of wood by applying special treatments since the beginning and a constant maintenance with impregnating oils.

Essential features of Wood for outdoor use

The wood for outdoor use must be calibrated as to allow the alignments of the planks and build an even floor area. Board corners must be rounded and the surface can be milled with small grooves improving the shoes adherence on wet floors. In order to avoid waterlogging, the planks are laid with a small gap in between, as to let the water flow. The flooring can lay directly on the ground, in case of draining ground, or on cement subfloor. It is very important to check the slope as to grant a quick water flow.

Elysium: the Corà Parquet Outdoor Collection

Corà Parquet offers a whole collection dedicate to the Outdoor products. Thanks to the knowledge of the raw materials, Corà has chosen those wood types that are the most appropriate ones for the outdoor use. The offer is made of six wood essences: Indonesian Teak, Teak module, Ipè, Bangkirai, Thermo-treated Ash, FSC Radiata Pine. You can find more about these wood types on: this link.

The maintenance of an outdoor wood floor

The outdoor wood flooring cab be laid as raw, with no treatment at all, but it will be subjected to greying; or it can be  treated by impregnating oils that prevents him from such a variation. It will be however necessary a further maintenance to protect the wood from deterioration cause by sunlight and other weather conditions. In order to face this need, Corà offers a “Maintenance kit for Outdoor – Corà Floor Care”, that is made of 1L of nourishing detergent to clean the floor efficiently by removing dirt, salt, traces of chlorine and 1L of impregnator to protect the decking from decay caused by sunlight, thanks to natural and synthetic oils with addition of UV ray absorbers.