Which is the most suitable wood floor for high-traffic areas? In another article, we spoke about « High Traffic Corà », the technologically innovative varnish to care for high-traffic parquet floors. Today, we find out more about the type of parquet floor that should be used in gyms, home gyms, nursery schools, hotels and more specifically: bedrooms, shared spaces, fitness and relaxation areas.

Parquet floors for high-traffic areas: Corà Parquet’s know-how

At Corà Parquet we have always been especially sensitive to our clients needs: in fact, we guarantee the agreed delivery times, we coordinate the planning stages and offer a solid production capacity, with Dfl-sl and Cfl-sl (reaction to fire classification) certifications as well as B.C.R.A. NO SLIP certification.

It is thanks to all this that we are able to work with hotels, schools, large residential and commercial estates. Our focus is on offering materials that are suitable for the intended use, choosing specific accessories, and carrying out, if needed, a conservation treatment with our Wax Care before the floor is walked on.

Wax Care creates a protective and restorable film that protects the surface of the parquet floor against wear. This allows us to guarantee a high-quality floor that will last over time. It is also important to remember that parquet floors should be cleaned at regular intervals using our dedicated and easy to use cleaning system.

Wood is a walk-on material that combines comfort and sturdiness

People tend to think that wood is prone to wear if constantly walked-on. For this reason, Contract sector operators tend to avoid using parquet floors. Yet, the wood floors of many Medieval castles and mansions are still in top conditions today!

Parquet floors are attractive, but this is not the only reason why they should be used. Wood floors offer in fact many benefits:

  • They absorb shocks and counter-shocks that may occur during walking;

  • They favour movement, facilitating dancing and other fun-sport activities;

  • They dampen the noise generated by walking, thus guaranteeing a good diffusion of sound;

  • They make any room feel warm and comfortable.

In addition to the benefits for the end users, wood offers numerous advantages also to people who decide to choose it over other types of flooring, because it is:

  • Easy to maintain, as we will see further on;

  • Versatile, making it ideal to support different physical activities;
  • Cosy and attractive.

The best wood for high-traffic floors

Corà parquet floors enhance the value of hospitality and of good living. Our wood parquet floors represent an added value for large international accommodation projects, the finest hotels and resorts, and for libraries as they help to transform these spaces into icons of beauty and of architecture quality.

Among the wood species presented in the catalogue, Corà Parquet recommends a special selection of products for public areas.

These types of wood guarantee a parquet floor that is durable, practical and comfortable.

Maintenance of parquet floors in high-traffic areas

To care for parquet floors in gyms, Corà Parquet offers a dedicated Maintenance Kit which helps keep the laid wood in perfect conditions. Corà Parquet wood floors are wear-resistant, and their beauty can be easily maintained. Read our recommendations on maintenance in the article

Corà Floor Care: all you need to know to care for your parquet floor.