We already talked about wood flooring laying techniques. Today we will undertake an in-depth study of the preliminary installation work and discover why during installation the quality of both wood flooring and underlay mat is important.

Before wood flooring laying

Before laying your wood flooring please do these preliminary operations :

  • Check the environment humidity through a carbide hygrometer

  • Clean the laying surface at floor level, but also along the walls

  • Check flatness and eventually level the laying surface

  • Check the screed compactness and consolidation

  • Check that the steam barrier has been placed under the screed

  • Check arrival points, thresholds, doors and windows openings

  • Decide on laying direction and square the rooms

For floating installation, place a suitable mat between the wood flooring and the subfloor crosswise respect to the laying direction. However, why is this essential? Let us find out together.

Underlayer mats and Wood flooring: all the advantages during installation

There are many different types of mats depending on which laying you require. The mat protects the wooden floor from naturally formed humidity given by the difference in temperature between the subfloor and the lower surface of the parquet. The mat acts as a thermal insulater by reducing both contact between the screed and wooden material and noise caused by foot steps.  Furthermore the mat is an efficient help for levelling the wood flooring and it’s also suitable for underfloor heating. Let us summarize the main advantages :

  • Insulation from humidity and temperature changes

  • Thermal insulation

  • Footsteps noice reduction

The use of quality mats is also essential in case of wooden floor laying in the gym. Depending on the material it’s, in fact, possible to further mitigate the impact shocks suffered by the athletes and, therefore, further improve the performance of the wood. Find out more by reading our article dedicated to the wood flooring in the gym.

Check all of Corà Parquet Mats

Mats for floating system laying

The M2 is a polythylene insulating mat with vapor barrier coating (HQPO) to be installed with the coating facing upwords. Especially recommended to achieve a good impact sound reduction performance. Suitable for surfaces over underfloor heating. The M3 is an insulating mat with thermal viscoelastic high density material, specific for the lay of wood flooring over underfloor heating. This product is coated by an aluminium film to protect against humidity, to be laid with the aluminized side facing upwards. Suitable for  installations of wood and laminate flooring over underfloor heating.

Mats for glued laying

The M6 mat ensures a high acoustic and thermal performance, and as humidity barrier. Especially indicated for the lay of extremely thin floors, therefore it’s very recommended for renovation projects. Ideal for installations over underfloor heating. Did you find our article useful? Continue reading our blog updates and follow us on Facebook e su Instagram!