What does design mean? How much work is hidden behind an event like Fuori Salone ? White in The City has ended a few days ago and we want to share with you the pictures of the installation we took part of with Studio Asia for White on White event, in Palazzo Cusani.

A challenge with Carla Baratelli’s Studio Asia

The architect Carla Baratelli, Studio Asia, threw down the challenge of this concept and we have accepted it, offering our new products, our expertise in design and production of creative and original wood floors. Three products concurred to create this installation: Wave and Mini-Wave, design by Massimo Broglio, and the brand new FABBRICA 4.0, design by Corà Lab.

FABBRICA 4.0: the Made in Italy handcrafted wood floor

FABBRICA 4.0 is the evolution of the most traditional wood floor: the industrial one. We did a makeover of this wood floor, ready to lay with new exclusive finishes, with a vintage style. The modular “tiles” that create the floor are handcrafted and the production process is 100% made in Italy.

Wave and MiniWave: a wavy style

The wall at the end of a corridor has been covered by white lacquer Wave, matt and glossy. By the next room a woman face has been created with mini-Wave on the wall, a laser cut silhouette. This technology allowed to get sinuous shapes harmoniously integrated with the other materials of the installation, designed by Studio Asia.

As to enhance the White on White concept, Studio Asia has chosen some of the major companies in the design world and coordinated different materials to play together. The final result brought gratified all the partners a lot. The visitors have been welcomed to Palazzo Cusani with such an atmosphere that we want to renovate with meaningful pictures. What do you think about ? Have you seen the result of our teamwork ?