Are you an architect, an interior designer or a planner ? Are you working on a render and would like to see how the wood flooring looks like really ? Now this is possible with the Textures Download Area, specifically created for you needs.

A good help to create your renderings

When you’re working on a project, you know to offer a preview by a 3D rendering to your clients is a key point. Corà Parquet counts on a big range of products for retail, public and commercial spaces.

To help you we have created a special download area in our website, where to download the pictures of the wood flooring, ready to use as modules in your project.

Based on the mood of your project, you can chose the complete texture ready to use or design your favourite pattern by using the single planks images. You will easily get the perfect type of laying for your clients.

How the Texture Area works

Access to the Texture Area: and register, it is completely free. As you log in you will directly access the panel where the textures of all the Corà Parquet flooring types are available for the download.

The Corà Parquet textures are modular images easy and ready to use, compatible with all the 3D design softwares. Many architects have already tried this service and are satisfied as it allows to create detailed and functional renderings, a realistic preview for the client.

The textures palette will make your renderings even more realistic and the images will look better, more detailed and will help the clients chose the proper wood type and finish the reflects his personality.

Benefits coming from the Texture Area

Using the Texture Area you will be constantly updated on the new finishes, but there will be even more benefits! You can download the technical sheet of the finish you choose and ask technical support and information directly to the Corà Parquet Client Service. Don’t forget the code of the product you find at the download, this is the same code that will allow you to get a quotation from our stores, to see and touch the flooring and ask for a quotation.

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