When put to the test, it resists every kind of pressure and lets everything run off it. A tough one, this Lounge 2.0, the new outdoor parquet by Cora, perfect for highly unpredictable areas like gardens and terraces, but also public areas, platforms and restaurants. Sun or rain, stains or abrasions: nothing troubles it, thanks to a real wood core reinforced by extremely hi-tech processing.

So even when outdoors it can still gift you with a lounge atmosphere, without any worries at all.


Outdoor parquet with a shield

Lounge 2.0 is part of the F4U Techwood® line by Corà, the parquet outdoor outdoor parquet with a wood flour base to which high-density polypropylene (PEHD) is added. The final effect is flooring whose stability, form and surface beauty cannot be altered.  No need for maintenance

What makes it different? Differently from its “colleagues”, it is coextruded using the new Shield Evo technology, which applies a plastic surface film to increase protection. In other words, a real “shield” against mould, microorganisms, and exogenous agents of any kind. Including the…human factor.

Corà Parquet - LOUNGE 2.0_GREY

It isn’t one to get heated

Thanks to its composition, Lounge 2.0 can easily be laid in all outdoor spaces, above all those exposed to the sun. In comparison to traditional decking, in fact, its surface protection makes it resistant to natural light and immune to colour change, a typical effect of wooden flooring for outdoors that not everyone is looking for.

With Shield Evo technology, planks are also fire resistance certified according to the EN3501 standard.

Lounge 2.0, two faces of the same beauty

Until now we have presented its strong points, above all to confirm again that yes, real wood floors are no longer a choice to be relegated to hidden areas only.

Now is the time to stress what is truly important: its unique fascination. Because as well as being extremely durable, it is also beautiful.

Its aesthetic effect is surprising, with the protective film exalting the grain of the wood impressed on the surface, giving an extremely natural and authentic visual impact.

Corà Parquet_LOUNGE 2.0_GREY

Its true distinction? The planks are double-sided, so just one choice offers two different chromatic variations.

Naturally, just like all the products in the Techwood® line, this beauty is truly eternal. No special maintenance is needed, just normal cleaning.

Lay it where you want

It does not become darker and does not chip. Water-resistant, both fresh and salt water. Cannot be attacked by insects, fungi or other microorganisms, and does not rot. Above all, it does not absorb any kind of stain coming from natural substances (such as oil, wine or coffee) or chemical reactants.

So, no matter where it is placed, it stays in place. From private gardens to common residential areas, from business spaces that are open to the public to any type of welcoming structure, such as hotels, restaurants, swimming pools and bars.

Lounge 2.0 is the perfect wood for outdoors because it is original, resistant and maintenance free, but above all because it does not compromise.

Four types of processing

Fashion nuances or evergreen tones? The processing we propose tries to answer the most demanding tastes. Lounge 2.0 is available in these colours:

  • Brown Dark (double-sided)

A cross between grey and deep brown, for atmospheres with an impact.

  • Grey (double-sided)

An elegant light grey that never tires and which fits in everywhere

Lounge 2.0 - BROWN DARK e GREY
  • Brown Light (double-sided)

The solar, luminous brown of the most natural wood

  • Teak (double-sided)

The warmth of wood that wants to make the scene

Lounge 2.0 - BROWN LIGHT e TEAK

Use our recommendations to choose the one that is best for your environment and you will see that…you won’t be able to resist them anymore.