“Impulso” a wooden pattern inspired by nature, designed by Pininfarina for Corà Parquet. The new collection reconceptualises the repeating geometric design of traditional parquet, transforming a static wooden surface into something dynamic. Driven by an impulse – or a spontaneous desire for movement – the nature of the wooden surface transforms as it merges with other materials – ceramic stoneware or marble – in a progressive rhythm that flows over floors and walls.

The fusion of the two materials eliminates the distinction between indoor and outdoor spaces, creating a continual surface that is open to new uses.
The opposing direction of the wood grains in each element enriches the design, highlighting the spirit of movement that the new collection holds.


Impulso is a two- and three-layer prefinished surface made of a single board of European Oak that comes from sustainably managed woods and forests with UNI EN 13489 – UNI EN 13756 certification.‎

The colour range includes three gradients: “Ombreggiato”, dominated by tones of white and natural neutral colours for balanced, timeless aesthetics; “Mandorlato”, characterised by warm, energetic colours for optimistic spaces; “Sottobosco”, inspired by the freshness and softness of moss, makes you feel as if you are in a forest.
All the variations introduce different colours of Corà wood combined with Laminam ceramic tiles; “Sottobosco”, in addition, proposes a combination with green onyx marble.


Just like a sartorial project, Impulso is a highly customisable product, based exclusively on the design of each individual client. The Pininfarina-Corà team follows designers and clients in their choice of colours and the definition of their floor pattern. The modules, their rhythm, laying pattern and number, are developed according to the planimetry of the room, so an exclusive aesthetic result is always guaranteed.

The new collection will be presented at CERSAIE
Bologna, 26-30 September 2022 I Pav.22 Stand B102.

We have been selected for the
Archiproducts Design Selection – Cersaie 2022


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