Did you know that parquet flooring is not only used for laying on floor surfaces? Discover the wood wall pannelling!

Boiserie: from Baroque to Contemporary Design

Boiserie is a decoration centred on wall covering with variously inlaid, engraved and carved wooden panels.

Very popular in the seventeenth and eighteenth century France, the boiserie was often used as a frame or as bas-reliefs within the painting. Today this decorative technique has been rediscovered, it is in fact perfect for any home interior panelling, even for the most modern one!

Boiserie not only creates elegant decorations on vertical surfaces, it can be used as thermal and acoustic insulation. In contemporary design it conveys a contemporary and elegant touch to your home, giving a new style to living rooms, bedrooms and study areas.

The Boiserie gives character to your spaces

The boiserie is also very useful for decorating a multifunctional wall or a storage unit, thanks to its capability to enhance and render dynamic even the most neutral of spaces according to the chosen personalisation.

How to decorate with wood paneling?

The boiserie is a flexible and creative furnishing element, which can be expressed in several styles.

A colored, contrasting or tone-on-tone boiserie, can make even a simple white wall come to life, thus by creating a three-dimensional feeling that in a simple but effective way enriches the surrinding environment.

The classic plank, which remind us of mountain cottages, becomes the modern alternative thanks to the various colors, ideal for any type of environment.

Le proposte di Corà: ContinuumFloor e pannelli decorativi.

An example of this style is the Corà ContinuumFloor, designed for Corà Parquet by Massimo Broglio, which, inspired by the boiserie of the past, allows the floor to be extended to walls and ceilings, combining vertical surfaces with 3D elements.

This boiserie can be combined, either by maintaining the same tones with our wide range of wooden floors of the Evo Garant Line, or by playing with contrast in order to leave room for imagination.

ContinuumFloor is a wood floor paneling of refined scenic impact, which meets the current need to surround oneself with natural materials. Composed of planks of various sizes, it allows to play with light, enriching with illuminated profiles.

Corà proposes, then, a boiserie with an innovative design, which consists of axed European Oak cubes, pre-assembled in panels measuring 49x49cm. Easy to install, they can be left natural, or customized with the desired finish after laying, or alternated with LED cubes to illuminate your walls. Corà parquet literally covers with nature your environment. Find out more on the site! Are you intrigued to discover other ways to use wood flooring?

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