Let’s find out more about ETHICO, the Collection in European Oak and its natural color tones. This article is about the “salt” finishing of this product, that belongs to the EVO-GARANT range of Corà Parquet.

A long tradition process

Thanks to the particular staining process, ETHICO is based on a natural reaction of the tannin inside the wood with mineral salts and synthetic plant extracts. The result is a colour with many natural shades.

Dyeing is an antique procedure used for fabrics by the ancient Egyptians and Romans. In 1810 evolved thanks to the chemist Louis Claude Cadet de Gassicourt this process was extended as wood preservative with salt blend and plant extracts. It maintains and respect wood characteristics such as grain, fiber, ray flecks.

An unique colour thanks to the salt-base finishing

Corà has further explored and evolved this technique, creating a new finish of a strong personality.

ETHICO honors this ancient process that Corà has developed, thanks to the deep connection with wood and the experience of the Corà family, now at the 4th  generation.

The wood shades depends on the Oak tannin content, that naturally varies inside the timber. The collections has three colours: Camargue, Cipro and Durango, all brushed finishing.

The wood preservative process is done by hand and then left to naturally dried. The final result is a wood whose diversity is enhanced, it is alive and unique. The HT (High Traffic Corà) treatment can be applied on request.

If you are looking for a natural wood flooring and don’t want to miss an incomparable one, then ETHICO is the wood flooring for you. See how it matches you home using the Corà Live App, you will find it here.

The best settings for ETHICO

ETHICO offers prestige and natural colour, therefore it is the ideal flooring for a contemporary residence. If you choose ETHICO, then you choose style. If you like to pay attention to detail and appreciate natural shades, warm and authentic tones, then ETHICO is the perfect wood flooring for you.

Which are the laying patterns?

Big planks and  ship’s deck laying bring out naturally the beauty of ETHICO. However other laying system and sizes are available: like smaller boards, herringbone 90° and chevron 45°.  ETHICO excites with a fascinating trick of the light and in bright rooms it shows the colour shades and variations in the best condition.

Corà shows its commitment to the consumer providing a 10-year warranty on the ETHICO Collection. Let’s find out more.