The choice of a warm and lively material like wood gives personality and style to our home. The wood, with its colours and finishes, reflects our personality, transforming the floor into a real piece of furniture.

Those of us who love wood would like to have wood flooring even in the kitchen, but we often choose another type of flooring due to fear of humidity, sharp objects, people coming and going, sketches and vapours.

Actually, it is possible to lay wood flooring in the kitchen and it gives our kitchen a stylish touch. To keep it lively and take good care of it, you just need to follow a few precautions: let’s see them together.

Which kind of wood should you choose for the kitchen?

Before laying the floor in the kitchen you should pay attention to the type of wood. Teak, Iroko, Oak and Doussiè are the most suitable species since they are stronger in contact with humidity. The three-layer Evo Garant collection by Corà Parquet brings the elegance of the oak in every room: find out more about the Corà Parquet settings for the kitchen.

Maintenance tips for wood flooring in the kitchen

The wooden floor is practical and functional. In a humid environment such as the kitchen, it is ideal to avoid the troubles caused by dust and mould that can form between the tiles. To keep the wood flooring clean, just use a vacuum cleaner and then a damp cloth. Specific treatments guarantee a perfect water resistant seal, as well.

The Corà Floor Care program recommends Wax Care, which is a hydro repellent dispersion of waxes for the intensive maintenance of varnished (solvent-based, water-based), oiled and waxed wooden floor, subject to high traffic. It is excellent as a protective for newly installed floors, especially in areas subject to humidity, possible stains and high foot traffic.

Wax Care gives the surface a pleasant natural and water-repellent effect and its special formulation renews, maintains, and restores the wood of our parquet.

If the laying of the floor has been done to perfection, all you have to do is always ventilate the kitchen and eliminate any moisture deposited on the floor.

Even Cesar Cucine has chosen Corà Parquet

Even Cesar Cucine has chosen Corà Parquet for its showroom floors in Milan and Manhattan.

The kitchens on display are characterised by elegance, clean lines, refinement of materials. For walls and flooring, they chose the warm grey of the brushed Oak by Corà Parquet, whose finish was customized according to the specific requests of the architect Garcia Cumini, creating an environment capable of conveying calm and serenity. The floor has been treated with the special HT High Traffic Corà for greater resistance to high traffic.