Wood is around us every day and most of it comes from the forests that fill our landscapes with green. Wood is a renewable material and easy to recycle; it protects and respects the environment when managed according to the certifications that regulate its use.

Why is using wood good for the planet?

Wood is a renewable material. It is, in fact, the most versatile from among all the natural materials. Its conscious use helps the planet because it contributes to controlling CO2 emissions as well as the health state of forests where the trees are constantly monitored and renewed. Respecting forests, protecting fauna and preserving biodiversity and the ecosystem are very important for Corà. It is a commitment that started in 1963, when the reforestation programme was started in the municipalities of Cavazzo Carnico (UD) and Asio (PN). The programme ended in 1975, and involved a forest surface area of 750 hectares.

Our certifications, our guarantee.

Today, Corà’s commitment to protect the environment continues in Gabon, where OLB (Origine Legale du Bois) certification extends over a surface area of 600,000 hectares and guarantees the application of a strict environmental policy.

In addition to this important certification, Corà guarantees respect of the rights of the local populations, the workers, and compensation of the environmental impact. The company maintains an industrial approach based on continual reforestation.

Finally, all the material that Corà uses is traceable through a Chain of Custody. (CoC). This means that the origin of the wood can be certified, as can the company’s commitment in terms of responsible forest management.

Environmental protection and respect are things that Corà promotes to guarantee the quality of a healthy environment that is vital for future generations. Scopri di più sul nostro sitoFind out more on our Website.