Imagine combining a pair of jeans with a refined garment: that’s the effect of the new « Larch » floor collection by Corà Parquet! A special brushing of the raw material and the exclusive High Care Corà Varnish treatment make this parquet irresistible.

Larch: a wooden floor able to overcome any design challenge

Larch is a centuries-old water resistant wood species, already praised by Vitruvius in Roman times. Larch trees have a rapid growth, a robust stem and produce wood suitable for the construction of buildings, roofs and floors. Reinterpreted by Corà with a contemporary taste, the larch gets a new life in a unique three-layer pre-finished plank. The planks have a thickness of 15 mm, 1900 mm lenght and 190 mm width. Larch is the perfect match between art and technique, suitable for any wooden floor that teases the creativity of those who choose it. This new parquet is born with the will to face and win any design challenge with a « casual » flavour and an aged effect.


Larch is the main feature thanks to these five innovative colours

Larch is available in five colors range from natural to black and take the names of famous lakes:

  • Alleghe
  • Resia
  • Levico
  • Caress

  • Braies

Colour becomes a tool to generate innovation, making this floor transversal to its natural context of use, to be used in residential spaces in cities, offices and public environments. Here, this important material becomes the absolute protagonist of the environment surrounding it.

Design and technology: a three-dimensional and hygienic parquet

Larch is treated with a special brush that enhances its three-dimensionality and creates an irregular surface to the touch. This aesthetic, expressive and linguistic innovation generates a design product. This wooden floor is treated with the special HC « High Care Corà » sanitizer varnish containing silver ion particles, which creates a natural and lasting barrier against the enemies of hygiene. Do you like this type of wooden floor? Contact us for a quote!