Can outdoor decking be laid by the pool? Of course it can!  Discover Corà Parquet’s water-resistant and weatherproof wooden floor. In one of our previous articles, we already answered the recurring question related to water and wooden floor: can parquet flooring be laid in the bathroom? Today we will look in depth  into wood species suitable for outdoor and resilient to weather conditions.

Nature continuity thanks to outdoor wood decking

Among the most recent furnishing trends, many designers favor the natural continuity given by wood in outdoor projects. Villas and hotels equipped of outdoor swimming pool become true relaxing escapes thanks to the harmony of woodflooring. Fitting perfectly with the natural surroundings, the woodfloor is the best choice for patio areas, paths and, why not, even by the pool! Let’s debunk some myths about the interrelation between wood and water.

Feel the wood under your wet feet.

Imagine taking a refreshing dip into the pool and feeling the wood under your barefeet walking out. Imagine the wood warmth that tickles your senses at every step. Imagine combining the comfort of this material with the simplicity of maintenance and resistance of natural materials of the highest quality. This is Corà Outdoor Elysium: the collection of wooden floors for the exterior. Wood decking is the perfect material to lay by the edge of your pool. It comes in two finishes: knurled or smooth. An aesthetic choice but also functional as the knurling prevents you from slipping. You can also opt for a combined installation (smooth and knurled planks), creating a beautiful effect for sight and touch. Also, wood species such as Indonesian Teak and Ipé are particularly suitable for outdoor decking.

Wooden decking: an easy maintenance!

Keep your Corà wooden floor as beautiful as when first laid! Just use our products for wood maintenance and care. In our kit you’ll find everything you need for the treatment, including gloves and brush! Corà Parquet offers a selection of several solid wood floors that are particularly suitable for outdoor use:

  • Teak Indonesiano
  • Teak Modulo
  • Ipé
  • Bangkirai
  • FSC Thermo-treated Ash

  • Cumaru FSC*

In addition to their formidable technical properties, these floors do not require any special treatment and, above all, they take into account the natural tactile, sensory and chromatic qualities of the wood.

Discover them here. Do you want to find out more about the maintenance of outdoor parquet? Read our article!

A project in Canton Ticino signed by Corà Parquet

For a 60s private residence, the architect Francesco Petruzzelli was able to enhance the very high quality of CORA’ Lamber by reclaiming a splendid tobacco colored Ipé wood. The Ipé planks were used for the terrace paving, for the steps of the hydromassage minipool, gazebo, street lamps and the roof.

The Ipé is a material resistant to any weather condition, therefore ideal for outdoor environments without having to renounce to the wood charm. When left natural and laid outdoor, this wood species is subjected to a natural colour variation from tobacco to silver tones, assuming more character over time.

What started as a holiday retreat became a bespoke villa overlooking the lake with the clever use of an exclusive material able to naturally dialogue with the surrounding landscape.