Unscratchable, unchangeable. In other words, nearly unbreakable. Truth is that Techwood Thermo D-212 Corà loves to be tough, outdoor. Our latest outdoor product is designed to endure even the most extreme conditions, while remaining polished and elegant. And there’s more: the best part is that  it does not come with a special maintenance, other than normal cleaning procedures.All thanks to its unique and patented composition, with a highly concentrated heat-treated wood fiber core, over 66% of the total mass. The rest is polypropylene, a water-repellent and breathable thermoplastic polymer, which is extremely resistant and has a good elastic yield. And, above all, it is ultra-safe for people, as demonstrated by the very wide use both in the production of food containers and in underwear textiles. Just to name a few. The result is Techwood TD-212, a parquet that comes with twice the density of solid wood, and three times that of Finnish pine, from which the raw material derives. But it is at the same time resistant to abrasions and threats of any kind. And we also consider it to be practical, hygienic and naturally eco-friendly, as we explain to you shortly.

Techwood Thermo D-212, this sure as fiber

Tough is tough, we said it already. That’s thanks to high level of thermo treated wood fiber, which is And the credit is due to the high thickness of Thermotreated wood fiber, which is obtained in an absolutely ecological way. Not only because 86% of the material is recycled, with wood that comes from PEFC certified forests, but, above all, because each step takes place without the use of chemicals. Heat and steam are enough to change the physical and mechanical properties of the material: wood subjected to temperatures between 160 and 215 degrees acquires resistance to atmospheric agents and dimensional stability.

It is also a long-lasting product with a life cycle that easily reaches 30 years without deterioration or greying. In contact with the sun rays it is subjected only to a natural colour change, which makes it even more shiny and „warm”. Here’s how the colour changes through time.

Water? It let it slide.

Not even water is a problem. In fact, Techwood Thermo D-212 just let it slide. In fact, despite the high concentration of wood, it does not absorb liquids, plus it dries quickly and it is not slippery at all. Not even after the worst storms. This is why it is very suitable, for example, for the floors and coverings of piers and swimming pools, resisting equally well the abrasive action of chlorine or salt. It keeps the grip perfectly on driveways as well.

A floor without stains or parasites

That’s our ace: Corà Techwood TD-212 is really stainless. Food or drinks don’t scare it, since, in the event of an „accident“, are easy to wash. And thanks to thermal treatment, it has no residues of nutrients or resins inside that can attract mold, fungi or parasites capable of rotting the fibres. Zero stains, zero worms, zero splinters or cracks, to fully enjoy the taste of walking barefoot, and appreciate its heady woody aroma with enveloping hints of smoked tobacco. Everything literally at your feet.

Easy to install, simple to keep

Corà Techwood Thermo D-212 will prove to be a great choice day after day. Starting from the easy and fast installing system that can also be combined with heating and lighting. Everything else is a piece of cake, without any particular and difficult treatment to keep it. And what about accidental damage? Just sand it and i twill go back to normal.

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