The new 2018 Corà Parquet collection is the “Eccellenze Italiane”! This parquet flooring line offers 14 different colours to choose from and it is dedicated to the greatest Italian artists. It is a chromatic tribute to their art and life, which celebrates the renowned worldwide quality of the Made in Italy.

Artistically produced wooden floor in 14 different shades

In this article, discover the “Eccellenze Italiane” tones who play with lights and shades, and which natural nuances create refined and elegant wooden floors that lend themselves perfectly to the furnishing of relaxing environments and to the creation of soft atmospheres. The colour palette varies from creamy white to natural, smoky brown-grey to grey, to the dark and fascinating tones of brown, almost black.

A collection of parquet flooring treated with special paints

The “Eccellenze Italiane” collection is treated with the special HC „High Care Corà“ paint, a sanitizing protection of the top layer (4 mm) that guarantees the health and well-being of your home space. This transparent protecting varnish contains silver ions particles, which creates a natural and long lasting barrier against potential bacteria. Available on request the HT finish „High Traffic Corà“(applicable to all collections): the special treatment cycle containing   aluminium micro-spheres that renders the wooden floor very resilient and most suited to areas with high foot traffic.

A Wooden floor that plays with light

Inspired by the artists like Canaletto, Pigafetta, Tintoretto, Tiepolo, Mantegna, and Vivaldi , Corà Parquet has created the most glossy tones in the new “Eccellenze Italiane” collection. Trick of the light, lights and shades and great lighting effects for a wood that have fun with the light and the harmony of its finishing can freely shine. Among all the Palladio stands out, a white parquet flooring re-evoking the Vicenza stone used by the architect for his famous architectural projects.

Sinuous shapes for a refined wooden floor

In the slightly veiled veins of the wood inspired by Canova and Petrarca the new line of parquet flooring  Eccellence Italiane  one can  find both all the softness  and sinuosity of the Canova sculptures and the refinement of the Petrarca  love poetry.

Matter, colour and mystery: the nuances that complete the Eccellenze Italiane

The parquet flooring inspired by Giorgione embodies   the enigma of the painter’s life and work; the ships wooden scent and the memory of distant lands is reborn in the Marco Polo wooden flooring ;  wood  comes to life in the line  that  is tributes to  Titian; the wood  natural shades are enhanced in  the Bellini and Veronese colour palette.

A collection of parquet flooring with exclusive finishes

The Eccellenze Italiane  line  is brushed to bring out its three-dimensional qualities and create an uneven surface to the touch. On request, it is possible to add different   types of finish to personalise your parquet flooring. Within the finishes one can choose the from a manual saw-cut finish, planed or planed rounded one. All finishes are micro-bevelled on all four sides. Do you want to find out  what it is all about why not ask for a quote? Contact us directly here. You can admire the Eccellenze Italiane collection at Milan Design Week 2018 c / o Flagship Store Albed, via S. Damiano 5, Milan. Look at the Eccellenze Italiane photo gallery presented last year at White in The City in collaboration with Studio Piva at Fuori Salone 2017.